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Whether it’s written down or just lurking somewhere in your subconscious, everyone has some sort of trip list. A wish list of trips they must do in their lifetime. But even the most serious walkers, climbers or trekkers often find themselves taking more conventional trips than those found on their bucket list, like an Everest Base Camp Trek.

If you have a dream trip list and want to start getting it done, here are some tips to help you not just plan your trek but also make it a reality.


#1 Get it written down on Paper

Whenever I think about something I want to do, I write it down. My mind has so much going on, I know that if I don’t write it down then it may be gone forever. Ok, not to be so dramatic but it certainly isn’t at the forefront of my mind. If I don’t have somewhere to write it down I add it to my ‘ To do list’ on my smartphone and let’s be honest, we all use our smartphones more often than not. (Hint: Download ‘Trello’, it’s an awesome app for to-do lists). Imagine having your ultimate dream on your smartphone every day. It makes sense that this would give you the proverbial kick up the backside to make things happen and put things in place to enable you to achieve your dream.









#2 Give yourself a target

As with anything in life, when you have a target or something to aim for, this provides you with motivation on a daily basis to achieve that target or aim. It’s scientifically proven that when we put our bodies under pressure with a target in mind, it works differently and in a way that focuses the skills you have learned in life. Now, this changes with each individual but the more I think about this, the more it makes sense. I used to be a PADI SCUBA instructor and before that, I took part in my PADI Divemaster training. Part of the accreditation was to take part in a ‘stress test’. This in basic terms was to put you in significant stress underwater and you’re graded on how you react to the pressure. Myself and my dive buddy Jon had to swap our entire diving apparatus and gear whilst only having 1 working scuba tank between us and our instructor at the time, Carsten causing us as many issues as he could from taking off our masks to hitting the regulator out of our mouth to switching off the other tank. All this whilst being 3 meters underwater. The dive skills we had learned were put to the test and when putting us under a significant amount of pressure this made us focus and more concentrated and it got us through this test with flying colours.

Therefore set yourself a target and put yourself under pressure to achieve that target. You will be surprised how you react!    


#3 Set Goals

Without achievable goals it’s super difficult to make things happen. If you don’t set a timeline or don’t start taking action, you never will.  So create a plan of action. Maybe you want to do a trip by the time you’re 40 or 50?  Come up with a realistic plan for how you are going to do it, and stick to it.

Goals can be short term and long term. You get enough short term goals in place and reached and before you know it, your long term dream becomes reachable and that little bit closer.

Ideas for certain types of goals are things like saving 'X' amount of money per month, going on 2 hiking trips a month, carrying a 15kg pack on a 6-hour hike, climbing your first UK mountain in winter, booking your international flights. The list is endless and you have probably done some of these things already but it’s important to get these in place. 


#4 Make yourself accountable

All over the place, I keep hearing about the importance of accountability.  If you make a goal public and have people to hold you accountable, you are much more likely to accomplish your goals. So whatever you want to do, tell people about it, your friends, your parents, your work colleagues. When I was 19, I really wanted to go travelling around the world and I pretty much told everyone this was my plan. It became everything for me as it was the absolute must do thing in my life at that point. I was saving up to go on this huge trip and as ever, it took longer than planned. After a while, the people I had told about my world trip kept saying to me, ‘So when are you going Andy?’. ‘Have you booked your flight yet?’ and every time I said no it made me realise that I need to actually do this thing. It provided me with motivation and determination to work harder, save more money and put things into action and 6 months later I was on a plane to South East Asia for the first time. This happened as a result of me telling people about a dream I wanted to achieve.

Don’t keep these dreams to yourself. Tell people about them and find that motivation to get you to where you want to go.


#5 Grab a friend

Although some people do go on their own and have an amazing time, It’s always easier to accomplish things when someone will go with you. Having spent time hiking in the Himalayas on my own and with groups, each has a different feel. However to actually get out there, having a friend book and go with you definitely gives you more encouragement and also the peace of mind that you’re with someone else you know. The fact is that on a trek in the Himalayas, more often than not you are never alone as the trails are a super social place for sure but having a close friend go with you does make a difference when booking a trip. You can bounce ideas off each other, get each other excited and even go on some training hikes before you go on the trip.









#6 Have Fun

The whole idea of getting on an Everest Base Camp trek or any other adventure is to have enjoyment whilst you're doing it. So don’t stress about it, this is all about you and your life. Everyone does things differently, so if you are finding it hard to accomplish a particular goal, take a step back and think about why you want to do this and what you are doing it for and the next thing you know you will be fulfilling your lifetime dream!

If you need any help getting onto a trip like an Everest trek then send me and the EverTrek team an email anytime at info@evertrek.co.uk or call us on 02920 003216


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