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A quick tip to charge your smartphone on the Everest Base Camp Trek

A quick tip to charge your smartphone on the Everest Base Camp Trek

One thing I get asked a lot about is how do I charge my mobile phone when I'm trekking or hiking for more than a few days. Especially on an Everest Base Camp trek. I've done another post and video quite recently which you can view HERE about how you can charge your devices on the Everest Base Camp trek.

I do have one tip for you that will really help out and that is to get yourself a power bank. Some of these can be quite big but you do get smaller versions which are perfect for a trek. I've got one here which is Anker 20000. I've owned a couple of these actually and they're really good quality. This one holds about seven or eight charges of my Samsung S8. Which is really good. I know a few other people who
have used their IPhone on the Everest Base Camp trek and it charges about the same amount.

This definitely saves you a bit of money when you're out on the Everest Base Camp trek instead of having to pay to charge your electronic devices. Just get one of these Powerbanks instead. It costs around £30 each. There are also cheaper versions out there but this one is great.

I also recommend that if you're on the Everest Base Camp trek to keep the Powerbank warm. Electricity and batteries don't like the cold so keep the powerbank warm in your sleeping bag or put it in a sock.

So if you are going to Everest Base Camp do purchase one of these, I highly recommend it.

You can view the Anker Powerbank here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-PowerCore-20100-Capacity-Technology-Black/dp/B00VJSGT2A


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