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Does everyone make it to Everest Base Camp

Does everyone make it to Everest base camp?

Well the success rates are lower than you would think for the Everest base camp trek. There is a huge difference between going to high altitude for short period of time and spending time sleeping for days on end, living at high altitude. When you go for days at a time and try and sleep above 4,500m/ 16,700 feet it becomes challenging for most people. That’s why you need more acclimatisation days around the 3,300m/ 11,500 feet &  4,400m/ 14,436ft mark. 


Statistics are showing that only about 65% of people make it to Everest base camp 5,364m/ 17,598 feet and even less people make it up Kala Phattar 5,545m/ 18,192 feet which really is one of the main reasons for going high into the Khumbu (Everest) region.

The view off Kala Phattar 5,545m/ 18,192 feet of Everest, Nuptse and out over the mighty Himalayas is truly impressive. So you do need to train and prepare hard for this trek so you can maximise your experience of this amazing place.

Why go all this way, spend money, and time to cut corners and not prepare properly. Why just make it to Namche Bazaar, Tengboche or Dingboche you want to be up here enjoying and gaining the experience you so badly want for yourself. We can help you. CLICK HERE and read all you need to know about trekking to Everest base camp.

CLICK HERE for training advice with our '5 steps to get you in shape for Everest Guide'. You also need to pick the right itinerary with the best success rates. We have our own team in place on the ground to help you achieve your goal of enjoying your experience on the Everest base camp trek. CONTACT US .

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