27/11/2018 EverTrek News

Everest with Just Eat - The team delivered

It's been a mad few weeks for us at EverTrek. 

Firstly we WON the Wales Startup Award 2018 for Tourism & Leisure which was frickin awesome

Although we have been in business for just under 3 years it was a super proud moment for me personally and for the entire team both in the UK and in Nepal. 

I wasn't at the event myself as I've been a little busy trekking to Everest but it was great hearing the news sat in a warm tea house on the way to Everest base camp.



















Secondly, it was great to reach Everest Base Camp again last week with a fantastic group from Just Eat. It was a tough trip for some of the team with altitude affecting at least half of them but battling on they made it.








On all of our trips, it's way-way more than just getting to Everest. There is so much to enjoy and to take in. 

As my good friend, Dave (The painted Yeti) once put it 'It's about the people you meet, the land and the suffering'

He got it spot on really in my opinion! 

It is one heck of a challenge and there can be times of suffering. The altitude can hit people at any time and it's hard work trekking with a headache at times but you battle on, you keep going. This was evident with the Just Eat team and they did battle on. The views, the people they met, the amazing time they had more than made up for the suffering. The mental challenge of a high altitude trek can be difficult. Check out a post about this I wrote a while back HERE










One thing that really hit home again when thinking back to this trip was the strength of the team. Although all of the group were from Just Eat, only 2 of them actually worked together, yet they were a fantastic team to lead and all worked extremely hard for each other. The training weekend we ran in the Brecon Beacons in Wales certainly helped everyone get to know each other! It certainly helped them to know which members snored that's for sure. We also did a couple of group exercises on the trek like the one in the video below. This was with the local staff as well as the Just Eat group. The hidden heroes are the guys who carry all of the gear up for us to Everest base camp and the team certainly got to know the porters and the guides very well and again, this reinforced the team ethic we try and encourage on all of our treks.


I always feel that in life you should celebrate the highs whenever you can and the last 2 mad weeks have been high that's for sure(Excuse the pun). I certainly had a cold Guinness to celebrate with the Just Eat group and it had to be in the Irish pub in Namche Bazaar (On the way down of course!)










I'm now back in the UK for a few weeks before another trek in early November but we still have 3 teams currently trekking to Everest via the classic 15 day route, the Gokyo valley route and also via the 3 Peaks 3 passes route and I can't wait to see the pics and vids that will follow. Definitely keep a look out for the pics on our Facebook group HERE. If you're not a member yet, click on the link and it's a great place to follow and learn everything about high altitude trekking.


Safe trekking



MD & Head Yeti


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