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On 23rd May 2020, in what was an absolutely crazy year, we, alongside dozens of other travel companies around the world, declared a climate emergency. In signing this Climate Emergency Declaration, we pledged to reduce our CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. But why wait? Let’s get there as soon as we can!



The IPCC advised that by 2030 we need to reduce these carbon emissions by this amount of 55% compared to 2017 levels to stop the temperature increase on the planet by 1.5 Degrees.

A significant amount, I hope you can agree, and one of the reasons why we are pushing ahead with plans right now! 





OK, so now we have joined this movement. What's the plan?



We have been working hard behind the scenes as sustainable travel is part of the essence of EverTrek. The journey began when I first visited Nepal, right after the earthquake in 2015. I wanted to make an impact and help the country get back on its feet which gave me the idea to start the company. However, it was clear that any increase in customer numbers would put more pressure on the environment, and so myself and the rest of the team set about doing what we could to make our trips more sustainable. Now our aim is to take these sustainable activities to the next level and REALLY make a dent!



Water Filters Rollout


We introduced purified water filters on all of our Nepalese treks back in March 2019 to reduce plastic use, you can read more about here, and we were the first high altitude trekking company in the UK to introduce these on to all of our treks in Nepal. In the first trekking season this was introduced we saved 16,500 1ltr plastic bottles from being used in the Everest region. That’s 5 Ben Nevis Mountains stacked on top of each other. In just ONE season! As we press forward with our climate action plan, over the next 12 months we are introducing the same filters onto ALL of our treks in EVERY country which will be a game-changer in some places of the world. It may seem like a trivial change but every litre of water that’s drunk using a water filter is one less plastic bottle bought and used. 





Emissions Offsetting 


We will continue to expand our carbon emissions offsetting with Mossy Earth with rewilding and tree planting projects around the world, which is not only linked to our customer purchases, but we will also actively offset the sources of our emissions both in the UK and on our trips abroad. We will aim to reach a stage where we can add a carbon amount label on each trip page on our website showing the impact that trip will have. You can read more about this right here.




Remote adventures limiting the impact 


Over the last six months we have been working on more remote adventures around the world that are away from places that could be classed as having over-tourism. This in turn will reduce the impact in the over visited regions. In 2021 and 2022 we will be looking to produce more of these types of trips providing an awesome adventure as well as a way to reduce the human impact as much as we can. 





Let's get measuring


A big project, but one that we are working towards over the next 12 months as we measure what impact adventure travel is having on our treks and expeditions. The things we will look at include; air travel, accommodation, on the ground transport, our guides/porters, food consumption, and also our team's impact here in the UK. Once we analyse what carbon footprint this is making we can then work to start mitigating that through carbon offsetting alongside Mossy Earth and our travel partners.  


Creating educated EverTrekkers



A big part of what we do at EverTrek is to have open and transparent discussions with our EverTrekkers about the trips they want to go on to discuss if this is the right fit for them. Adventure travel isn’t for everyone. Whether this is LIVE on our weekly Tuesday Tune-In over on Facebook, discussed on our Mountain Malarkey Podcast, on the phone or via our video emails - we always try and advise people on what our treks are like. The good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome times as well. This is also our aim with our sustainability goals, as we try and educate our customers so that they can make an informed decision about their own impact and what more they can do to reduce their carbon footprint whilst travelling. 





Doing the right thing


This is at the core of what EverTrek is about. It’s in our DNA and what we do on a daily basis. It sounds a bit cliché but it’s true, the more we do the right thing and not take the easy short cuts, the better the experience we will all have. This will be our ethos moving forward when it comes to sustainable travel as we aim to do the right thing by us, by you, and also the right thing for the planet. 



Transparent Travel



As we put these plans in place, we don’t want you thinking that we are perfect, but we will always be transparent, as we are about our trips and how we operate, the same will go for our sustainability plans. We don’t know all of the answers but we will be sharing openly with you how things are going every year and what impact our EverTrekkers have made in helping to create a travel community to be proud of. 


This is just the beginning when it comes to making a measurable difference with sustainable and reduced carbon travel. It’s our mission to work with our travel partners, our community of EverTrekkers, and also other travel companies to push forward together and save our planet one trek at a time.


If you want to join in with our sustainable plans or even want to drop us any suggestions or feedback then do get in touch and drop us a message at info@evertrek.co.uk and one of the EverTrek Yetis will get back in touch.


Keep EverTrekking


Andy Moore

CEO & Head Yeti 

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