Huayhuash Circuit Trek

Huayhuash Circuit Trek
Challenging Challenging
4000 - 6000m
18 Days

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The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit Trek in Peru is one of the most epic treks on the planet. It's a long and challenging trek but one that's got to be on the bucket list. The area is famous for not just for the jaw-dropping mountain scenery but also one of the most famous mountain stories 'Touching The Void' with Joe Simpson's epic story of survival.

Huayhuash Circuit Trek is an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Peruvian Andes

Immerse yourself in the vast expanse of the Andes, savour panoramic vistas of pristine lakes, and beautiful valleys, wander through small villages and reach views of Joe Simpson’s renowned Base Camp, immortalized in the pages of "TOUCHING THE VOID" on the Siula Grande mountain. This adventure promises an authentic journey through Peru's most challenging and epic terrain, making it a true adventure.

The Huayhuash Circuit Trek is definitely one to tick off the bucket list but is also a long and aruous trek. Ideally you want to have experienced some altitude before but be able to trek for several hours a day over high mountain passes and mixed terrain.

Join us on The Cordillera Huayhuash Trek

  • Trek on one of the most popular trekking circuits in the Andes.
  • Glimpse Joe Simpson’s renowned Base Camp, from "Touching the Void"
  • Step into the diverse and epic landscapes of Peru.
  • Enjoy the awesome peaks of the Peruvian Andes
  • You'll stay in camps as you journey around the Cordillera Huayhuash

What's Included?
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off service in a private vehicle
  • Accommodation in Lima & Huaraz
  • All internal transport
  • High quality tents/hostel accomodation on trek
  • EverTrek pre-trip support
  • Entrance fees to local communities’ fees and National Park permit.
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the trek
  • Qualified Local English speaking Trekking guide from Day 4 to 17
  • Pack animals for group campsite equipment
  • EverTrek Trip Planner & Access to our online programme
  • Exclusive discounts with Cotswold Outdoor, Osprey, Snow and Rock and heaps more
What's Not Included?
  • International flights to Peru
  • Peru Visa
  • Personal expenses including mineral water, and alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Tips for guides & porters
  • Your altitude travel insurance
  • Any other extended trips or additional accommodation
  • Gear for your climb/personal camping equipment


Today you will fly into the beautiful city of Lima.

Once you land, you can walk to the airport hotel, Costa Del Sol Ramada which is in front of the airport, where you will spend the day and night(Depending on your arrival day) before heading to Huaraz the next morning, your launching point for the trek ahead.

If you arrive early, you’ll have free time to enjoy a meal with your group.

After breakfast, you'll be transferred to a bus terminal for a public tourist bus to Huaraz. The bus ride takes about 8 hours, so buckle up! (depending on the traffic leaving Lima).

The road trip follows the Pacific coast, heading north and then eastward into the Andes. The initial sight will be the Huayhash Range, followed by a northern route that reveals the first summits of the Cordillera Blanca. As the journey progresses, the road descends towards the city of San Sebastian de Huaraz, colloquially referred to as Huaraz. Positioned within the breath-taking Cajon del Huaylas valley, Huaraz serves as the capital of the Ancash region. It is nestled between the Cordillera Negra to the west and the Cordillera Blanca to the east.

The backdrop is graced by the country's highest peak, Huascaran (6768 m). Recognized as the main hub for mountain activities, Huaraz is the departure point for expeditions to both the Cordillera Blanca and Huashuash range. As a result, it holds the moniker of Peru's "Chamonix". The city boasts an array of services, including restaurants, accommodations, grocery stores, gear shops, and guide services. Upon arriving in Huaraz, transfer to the hostel will be arranged.

This day is free for you to adapt to the altitude and relish the myriad offerings that Huaraz provides for mountaineers and travellers a like. The town of Huaraz has undergone substantial development in recent years, resulting in a diverse range of opportunities such as various types of restaurants, bars, cafes, specialized shops, and an array of activities including hot springs, rock climbing, and day hikes. You'll spend the night in the hostel tonight!

This day hike constitutes one of the classic acclimatization routes in the Cordillera Blanca. The Churup peak is situated in close proximity to Huaraz and remains visible from the town. It proves ideal for gaining a substantial amount of altitude within a day and subsequently returning to Huaraz for a lower sleeping elevation.

Starting from Huaraz, there will be a transfer (1:30 h) to Pitec's trailhead (3660 m). From this point, an excellently maintained handmade trail commences its ascent, following a ridge that rapidly gains altitude. After a while, the handcrafted trail transitions into a mountain path, veering towards the northern side of the Churup River valley. The incline becomes steeper from this juncture, demanding a bit more effort.

Upon reaching a broad plateau, take a well-deserved rest before tackling the final section. This last stretch involves a bit of easy scrambling, aided by a robust set of wires. This leads to a straightforward concluding portion that terminates at the lakeshore, situated at an elevation of 4445 m. The rocky edges of the lake offer an excellent locale to enjoy a meal while reveling in the stunning view of the Churup peak.

For those seeking an extra challenge, an option exists to hike an additional 45 minutes to Churupita Lake, located right on the moraine. However, please verify this possibility with your guide, as accessibility can sometimes be restricted.

The descent retraces the same trail and generally takes around 1.5 hours on average. Transportation back to Huaraz will be arranged. Overnight stay at the hostel.


Ascent: 605 m / Descent: 605 m / Highest Altitude: 4445 m / Activity duration: 5-6
h / Distance one-way: 3,1 Km.

After breakfast, there will be a pick-up at the hostel for a 2.5-hour drive down the Cajon del Huaylas valley and then up to the Llanganuco Valley in Huascaran National Park. The Llanganuco valley stands as one of the park's most frequented locations, and undoubtedly, it is not to be overlooked. The breathtakingly deep turquoise waters of Orconcha (Male Lake) and Chinanconcha (Female Lake) create a striking contrast with the imposing peaks of Huascaran and Huandoys flanking both sides of the Llanganuco valley. Once you've marvelled at the lakes, the valley gradually expands, unveiling other renowned summits like Pisco, Chopicalqui, and Chacraraju.

The trail leading to Laguna 69 commences from Cebollapampa (3883 m). From this starting point, a well-marked trail follows the river along the valley, ascending to a steep section that transitions into a second valley housing a small lake. Beyond this point, the terrain transforms as the moraine begins, enveloping the landscape in an alpine ambiance. Following a brief section of switchbacks, the lake comes into view, making all the preceding effort truly worthwhile. The glacier-fed waters, tinted in deep blue hues, are framed by the backdrop of the Chacraraju peak—an ideal setting for an unforgettable lakeside picnic.

For the descent, you'll retrace the same trail back to Cebollapampa, eventually making your way back to Huaraz. The night will be spent at the hostel.

Ascent: 514 m / Descent: 514 m / Highest Altitude: 4397 m / Activity duration: 4 -5
h / Distance one-way: 5,4 Km

The drive heads south along the Callejon de Huaylas, offering picturesque views of the southern part of the Cordillera Blanca and the initial breathtaking sights of the Cordillera Huayhuash Mountain range. The road trip typically spans between 5 to 6 hours. The initial campsite is situated in a place called Cuartelhuain, right at the base of the mountain range, where you'll spend the night in tents. Meals provided include breakfast, a picnic lunch, and dinner.

The trek commences with an ascent to the initial mountain pass situated on the northern expanse of the Huayhuash mountain range: the Cacanampunta pass (4653 m). From this vantage point, a magnificent panoramic view unfolds, revealing the first set of lakes on the trek and the lush green valleys below. The descent leads to the campsite nestled beneath the East face of Ninashanca and Rondoy peaks. The evening will be spent in tents, offering a night of rest within this breathtaking setting.

Ascent: 539 m / Descent: 620 m / Highest Altitude: 4653 m / Distance: 8,3 Km. /
Activity duration: 5-6 h

Departing from the campsite, the team will trek across a grassy terrain, ascending towards the second pass known as Yerupaja Chico (4602 m). En route, you'll draw near to Jirishanca Chico, where the discovery of ammonite fossils awaits, alongside an impressive view of two renowned peaks: Jirishanca and Yerupaja, the second highest summit in Peru. Additionally, Carnicero and Siula Grande will come into view; the latter is globally recognized due to Joe Simpson's well-known survival ordeal depicted in the film "Touching the Void."

The subsequent descent follows a splendid trail, leading to one of the most exceptional camping sites situated by the tranquil shores of Carhuacocha Lake.

Ascent: 396 m / Descent: 443 m / Highest Altitude: 4602 m / Distance: 8,6 Km. /
Activity duration: 6-7 h

This marks one of the most breathtaking days of the trek. The journey commences from the camp and follows a trail skirting the shores of the lake, leading to a grassy meadow that eventually unveils a concealed valley. As you ascend in elevation, a succession of lakes with their turquoise waters come into sight, nestled at the base of the remarkably steep and iconic peaks, including Siula, Quesillococha, and Janrajanca.

This valley gradually ascends, culminating at the Siulapunta Pass (4788 m), offering a magnificent vantage point for gazing upon the awe-inspiring east face of Yerupaja and Siula Grande. Descending gently from the pass, you'll arrive at the Huayhuash campsite, positioned at the confluence of several lower valleys, affording fantastic vistas of other peaks in the surrounding area.

Ascent: 666 m / Descent: 471 m / Highest Altitude: 4788 m / Distance: 12,20 Km. /
Activity duration: 7-8 h

The ascent commences near the farmers' houses and proceeds along the right side of the stream, deviating from the usual route. On this particular day, we will attain the highest pass of the trek, known as Trapecio Punta, boasting exceptional vistas of Trapecio (4999 m) and Puscanturpa mountains. Moreover, in close proximity, the Cordillera Raura, the subsequent range to the south, becomes visible.

As the descent unfolds, a spectacular view of Puscanturpa unveils itself, creating a truly memorable experience.

Ascent: 529 m / Descent: 761 m / Highest Altitude: 4999 m / Distance: 10,30 Km. /
Activity duration: 7 h

The path ascends towards the San Antonio pass (5041 m), treating you to a magnificent panoramic view that encompasses the south face of Yerupaja and the west face of Siula Grande. As you begin the descent, the route brings you in proximity to Jurau Lake, offering a stunning perspective of the enchanting Santa Rosa and Sarapo Lakes.

The highest altitude today will be 5041m! Phew one heck of a days trekking!

Ascent: 571 m / Descent: 803 m / Highest Altitude: 5041 m / Distance: 7,10 Km. /
Activity duration: 5-6 h

Embarking on an early hike, you'll reach a viewpoint that grants a glimpse of Joe Simpson's Base Camp, renowned through the pages of the book "TOUCHING THE VOID." This camp has gained fame for its association with the gripping and famous story of epic survival. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to visit Sarapo Lake, a serene and captivating location for a dip if you wanted to.

For those who prefer a more leisurely day, there's also the option to take a rest within the camp.

Ascent: 372 m / Descent: 372 m / Highest Altitude: 4370 m / Distance round trip:
8,60 Km. / Activity duration: 3-4 h

Following breakfast, the group will descend towards the small town of Huayllapa (3548 m). The trail follows a well-defined path that leads down the Calinca Valley, culminating at the village of Huayllapa. This village, characterized by a handful of Colonial-style houses and small shops, offers the chance to procure snacks and provisions for the final leg of the expedition.

The trail continues its ascent through cultivated fields and meadows, transitioning into higher-altitude pastures and subsequently more rugged terrain as the vegetation shifts. This journey leads to the next campsite, known as Huatic Camp (4270 m).

You'll have some leisure time to relax and relish the evening in this tranquil setting.

Descent: 690 m / Ascent: 722 m / Highest Altitude: 4270 m / Distance: 17 Km. /
Activity duration: 7-8 h

Following breakfast, the group will start to ascend towards Tapush pass (4748 m). The trail is well-maintained and the ascent gradual. Throughout the trek, you'll notice shifts in vegetation and experience shifts in temperature. Upon reaching the pass, a vista of the Western summits will unfold, accompanied by the sight of Susucocha Lake.

Descending from the pass, you'll find the campsite nestled in the valley below, providing a setting to spend the night.


Ascent: 478 m / Descent: 240 m / Highest Altitude: 4748 m / Distance: 6,3 Km. /
Activity duration: 6-7 h

The day begins with a slight descent that lasts a couple of hours, followed by a steeper trail leading to Escalon Punta pass (4850 m). This pass serves as a division between two valleys. Upon reaching the pass, a captivating panorama will unfold as you begin the journey down the Huacrish valley. This scenic route eventually leads to the breathtaking and iconic Jahuacocha Lake, where the campsite will be established.

While descending, there is a favorable chance to spot Condors on certain days, enhancing the natural spectacle. The campsite boasts one of the finest locations, providing an exceptional view of some of the loftiest peaks in both the Huayhuash range and Peru. This is unquestionably an awesome location to savour and relish!

Ascent: 342 m / Descent: 809 m / Highest Altitude: 4850 m / Distance: 11,80 Km. /
Activity duration: 7 h

Final trek day!

The journey sets off from Jahuacocha Lake, winding its way down the valley until you reach a point where a secondary trail begins its ascent. This portion of the hike offers remarkable scenery, and gradually, local farms come into view. The ultimate pass, known as Pampallamac (4600 m), marks the last opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Huayhuash range, as well as the Cordillera Blanca to the north.

Following the pass, an extended descent ensues, leading past farmhouses and cultivated lands, ultimately bringing you to the village of Llamac—where this incredible trek reaches its conclusion. Transport will be ready to transport the team and staff back to Huaraz (approximately 5 hours). Upon arriving in Huaraz, the group will be taken to a hotel for the final night in town.

This night will be spent in the hotel, providing a comfortable and relaxing end to this incredible journey.

Ascent: 500 m / Descent: 1360 m / Highest Altitude: 4600 m / Distance: 10,20 Km.
/ Activity duration: 5 h

As the journey stats to wind down we'll retrace our steps back to Lima. Check-out involves transferring to Huaraz's bus terminal to catch a tourist public bus destined for Lima, which typically takes around 8 hours. Once you arrive in Lima, there will be arrangements in place to transfer you to your hotel.

An evening spent in Lima, time to explore or relax. There are some epic restaurants here so if you do have time, it's worth a wander. 

What an incredible journey, you've probably made some awesome new friends and you've got a bucket load of stories to tell the folks at home about your adventures!

The adventure is over but the memories will last a lifetime. On this day, we will transfer you back to Lima airport for your homeward journey.

Dates & Prices

July 06 2024 - July 23 2024



£500 / 6 Months

10 Available Spaces

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More Info


  • Among the best treks in the world
  • Huayhuash range has some of the most dramatic peaks in the Andes 
  • A remote, physically demanding trek
  • Long distances to be covered, but worth every step of the way
  • Sees much less visitors than similar popular treks around the world

Experience Required

The HUAYHUASH CIRCUIT TREK offers a challenging high altitude trek, with remote landscapes, physically demanding walking with long distances along the way, so a certain level of fitness will be required!