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How big are the groups on the Everest Base Camp trek

How big are the groups on our Everest Base Camp treks? We keep our groups relatively small with the maximum group size of 10. We don't normally go higher than 10, unless it's a very big private group. However, the average group size on a trek to Everest Base Camp is between 6-8 people. We find that teams or groups of this size bond better and are more personal.

I've seen some very large groups on the trails, some of up to 30 people and with only 1 guide and in my opinion, that's too many. We find that the smaller the group the more you get to spend with your guide and porters and get to build those friendships. We also find that when a group gets to know each other more, the more successful those teams are at reaching Everest Base Camp. This is due to the fact that they work as better teams instead of having a large group where some people do get left out as such.

There are days where you're not quite feeling 100% yourself due to fatigue or maybe the effects of high altitude and the more you bond with your team members, the more the team pulls everyone together and the better chance you have of reaching Everest Base Camp.

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