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How can I pay for my trek to Everest Base Camp

How can you pay for your trek to Everest Base Camp, Island Peak or any trip with EverTrek?

Upon booking, we normally take a small deposit of £200 to reserve your place on a trek with us. Once you pay your deposit there are then a couple of options available to pay off the remainder of your trip.

Firstly, we offer flexible payment plans via direct debit. This works great if you book a trip way in advance for over 12 months or so. We can arrange for the balance to be paid off monthly with a maximum of 18 months payments. This helps spread the cost of the trip over a significant period of time and can work out as little as £70  per month for your trip. So it's very very affordable and also very flexible as well.

The second option is that once you book you can pay off your trip by debit/credit card. We send you an invoice if you choose this option and you can pay the trip off whenever you want as long as the trip is paid off at least 60 days prior to your trip.

We like to keep things super easy so we are always happy to be flexible with paying off your trip but we have found these 2 options work the best.

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