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How much does the Everest Base Camp trek cost?

How much is the Everest Base Camp trek and what will it cost you in total?

The classic package to Everest Base Camp with EverTrek is £1500 per person and that includes pretty much everything Nepal.

So from when you land to when you leave, pretty much everything is covered for you. There are additional costs for things like paying for beers, souvenirs, soft drinks and some heritage site fees(£25) or if you need things like wifi on the trek or for charging electrical devices. In terms of spending money for all of this, I recommend taking around £200 - £250.

The other main cost of your trip will be your international flights, which we don't organize for you so you will have to arrange this yourself. We can recommend some great companies to use to help save you some money on this but normally the international flight costs between £400-£600 for a return flight from London. You can sometimes find flights for as little as £320 if you book over 6 months in advance via Istanbul.

Those are the two biggest costs.

The next thing to cover is your trekking and travel insurance. It’s compulsory with any trekking company, including ours, to have specific trekking insurance for high altitude. We can highly recommend a few trekking insurance companies and one in particular, who I use myself is True Traveller Insurance. It costs around £100/£120 for full cover to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar and also includes helicopter evacuation. We've had people who've used them and they've had really good service, so I highly recommend them.

The next thing is going to be your equipment for the trek. If you have most of this already then you may not need to spend so much on that. However, if you’re new to the trekking world or you haven't got any hiking boots, down jacket, maybe a sleeping bag or a duffel bag, or anything at all then you will need these for the trip so you might need to allocate some budget for this. If you wanted to save some money, you can actually purchase most of this in Thamel, Kathmandu where it's a trekking equipment paradise. So you can get loads of items there or any last minute items like a water bottle or some trekking poles, travel adapters, things like that. You can download our equipment guide for the Everest Base Camp trek HERE

So those are the costs for the Everest Base Camp trek.

We do provide free hire of a North Face down jacket, 80ltr duffel bag and a winter rated sleeping bag so if you don’t have these, just let us know before you arrive and we can arrange this for you for free.



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