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How much spending money do you need for the Everest Base Camp trek

How much do you need, how much spending money do you need to take on your Everest Base Camp trek?

Not that much actually.

I recommend taking around £200 - £250 for the entire trip.

On all of our Everest treks, all of your food and accommodation is included whilst you're on the trek and you also have some meals in Kathmandu as part of the trip too. However, some things we don't cover and you may want to buy are things like soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, some souvenirs, maybe will need some additional WIFI or you want to charge your devices on the trek. The higher you go the more expensive everything is so we always recommend buying treats like chocolate bars or energy bars further down the trail as it's cheaper for you. So £250 should be more than enough while you're out on the trek.

We recommend you take ££££ or $$$$$ where you can exchange for the local currency, Nepalese Rupee, in Kathmandu. If you did need to get some money whilst on the trek there are ATM's in Namche Bazaar at 3300m. That's your last chance before going any higher so do take that into account.

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