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The death of an 85-year-old man attempting to reclaim his title as the oldest person to climb Mt Everest early last year reignited concerns over whether an age limit needed to be imposed on any Everest summit attempts or even Everest Base Camp itself. Min Bahadur Sherchan died of a heart attack at Everest Base Camp and according to the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) who stated. "He was in good health. He used to walk 15 km every day. But I think his age was a factor".











EverTrek guide Rawal with Min Sherchan at Everest Base Camp

One of our EverTrek guides, Rawal and some of our customers actually met him a week before he sadly passed away and confirmed he was physically fine and although 85 was walking around base camp with ease. It seems that it was just his time.

If you’re thinking of heading to Everest Base Camp and think age is a factor then in some ways you may be correct. However, I don’t think this is the case at all. We have had numerous customers in there mid-60’s successfully reach Everest Base Camp and we have seen people in their 20's turn around. It really comes down to a few factors and also a little luck. Your current fitness level, your desire to want to get to Mt Everest and your physical health. We always recommend you visit your GP before any high altitude trek as it’s good to know where your body is at and if it is ready for an oxygen-depleted environment. Read our blog post about how to get fit for an Everest Base Camp trek HERE

The trek to Everest Base camp at 5364m/17,598ft is one heck of a challenge and providing you’re ready for it, we will help you get there. Our success rate of 95% in getting customers to Everest Base Camp compared with industry levels of 65% is something we are super proud of. The tried and tested way of slow walking (Bistari Bistari in Nepalese), drinking 4-5 litres of water per day, being in good physical shape and building 2 acclimatisation days into our trek gives the body enough time to adjust to the significant altitude. Read our top 10 tips for the Everest Base Camp trek HERE


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