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Journey to Base Camp


The award-winning short documentary 'Journey to Base Camp' was filmed by one of our partners and good friends, videographer Steve Bollschweiller who came with us to Everest Base Camp back in November 2018. It looks at the experiences of our EverTrekkers as they took on the Everest Base Camp challenge from Lukla at 2800m all the way up to Everest BC at 5364m.

It looks at the trek in a different way on how with Everest summits only really being attainable for elite mountain climbers, with Everest Base Camp being a goal that's achievable by everyday people.

The difficulties they encountered with the extreme high altitude, the fun times, the tough times and the huge sense of achievement on reaching the most amazing place on the planet. Well worth a watch.

I hope you enjoyed the short video. If you're up for this challenge or just want more information, download the full trip details and an in-depth walkthrough HERE

Andy Moore

MD & Head Yeti


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