28/07/2017 EverTrek News

Bucket List MK 2 - EverTrek

Hey All,

It's Andy again, I just wanted to share some great news and update you about the future of Bucket List Adventure Travel Limited.

It's been an amazing journey for us since we set up the company. The number of clients we have been privileged to serve, helping them to achieve life goals and empowering them to tick things off their Bucket List.

However, we have wanted a more EPIC name than our current one and we have decided to take the jump and go for it. After all, we, like you are crazy outdoor types who like a good challenge!

So welcome to...








It doesn't take too much to realise where we got our new name from as we specialise in TREKs in the Himalayas with our top trips heading to EVERest!

We will continue to -

Inspire, challenge and empower

 you to find your dream,

your adventure and yourself.

As a company, 'EverTrek' is our trading name but still operates under our legal name 'Bucket List Adventure Travel Limited'

Thanks for everything and I'll continue to do as much as I can to help you achieve your goals and have fun whilst doing it!

Chat soon



MD & Co-Founder


Bucket List Adventure Travel Limited




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