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Those of you who know me, either via the blog posts I write or the videos I share or maybe just the odd phone call or email we have had, you may have guessed it but yes, just like you, I love the outdoors and I love the mountains.

I'm sure you feel the same way when you're out in all weathers and you put your body through some form of pain but deep down you love it and those views...well, it's all worth it in the end ehh.

So as it's 'World Environment Day' it got me thinking about some recent events that could be down to just random patterns or could be down to something else entirely.

You see, recently in the Everest region it was absolutely crazy weatherwise. Due to serious adverse weather conditions, all of the flights back to Kathmandu from Lukla were getting delayed for a number of days. Even the helicopters couldn't land due to the weather. I found out that the Indian government even had to intervene as they had 15 nationals stuck at Lukla and they got their military involved. Wow! This just doesn't happen!

Speaking to some of our Nepalese staff, some of whom have been guiding for over 15/20 years, it was clear that this never happens in May, never. Winter? Sometimes but not like this.

Luckily we managed to get our customers out and to an airport that was lower down in the region and they are now back home in the UK. Having spoken to one of our customers who was on that particular trip who successfully made Everest Base Camp, it was clear the weather was atrocious and impacted everyone. (Check out this video on what happens when there are weather delays).

I've seen this a number of times this year, unseasonal weather like when I was in France skiing back in January. We experienced the heaviest snowfall in over 30 years and this wasn't just isolated to your resort, this was pretty much everywhere in the Alps. Add this to the fact that the Arctic had the warmest winter on record, now that's telling us something surely!

Taking all of this into account, especially on a day like today where it's World Environment Day, it's clear that we need to do whatever we can to protect our amazing planet.

Simple choices we make on a daily basis like going to the supermarket with a reusable bag to limit plastic use, using public transport to go to work instead of driving, even turning off the tap when brushing our teeth to save water. These simple things can have a huge environmental impact if we all did them.

I hope that wasn't too deep for you today and I got my message across but if we can all make small changes and all do the simple things like the above, this way we can still enjoy the beauty and the pain of the mountains that we all love so much for years to come.



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