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In this short teaser episode of the Mountain Malarkey Podcast, Head Yeti Andy and Painted Yeti Dave discuss what the podcast is all about.

In this episode:

Our hosts, the EverTrek Yeti’s Andy & Dave will be delving deep into the malarkey that goes on in the mountains of the world’s highest mountains.

The guys discuss current affairs in the mountain world, especially around Everest and the Himalayas whilst also offering actionable advice on things like trekking training, outdoor equipment, nutrition and mindset strategies amongst many other things.

If you're keen to find out more information around trekking to Everest download our full guide here:


Listened to this intro - Head to the 1st Episode HERE




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Andy & Dave: 00:16

Hey everyone. It's Andy here from the EverTrek office. I'm with Dave. Hello everybody. So this is the, an introduction really, isn't it? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. This is the first sort of welcome to our new podcast, new podcast. And what's the name? Dave? Uh, it's The Mountain malarkey podcast, which I think is the most suitable name of what we're actually going to be doing than anything we could have thought of. Yeah, no, it's awesome. I mean, it's been in the planning for probably over a year now. I'd say. Um, and we thought, what the heck, we're just going to do it. Yeah. We decided that we're going to launch it in December, so this is a little introduction. The first episode will be in December, so definitely keep a lookout for that. Yeah. On your iTunes or Spotify or whatever, you're listening to this at the moment.

Andy & Dave: 01:04

Uh, but what's it going to be about Dave? Well in basically it's going to be about all the things that we've been passionate about, you know, decades and things that we now know that we've built a community of people that feel the same. So we're going to be talking about everything mountains. We're going to be talking about trekking the equipment, we're going to be talking about that gossip and banter that goes on on the trails. We're going to be talking about some of the news and things like that that you might be hearing about, whether it be from Everest or Kilimanjaro and yeah, we're just going to, um, hopefully give you a lot of helpful advice as well because we know a lot of people will be listening to this, who are ready to go on an adventure in the middle of prepping and um, they might just gleam a golden nugget that makes all the difference

Andy & Dave: 01:50

That's exactly, it. I mean, when we, when we thought about this, we were thinking, okay, right, we already do some other stuff. You know, we do our YouTube channel or we've got the knowledge center on the website. So we've got information already. We thought, well, you know, not everyone is on the website, some people are on their way to work or maybe they're in the gym training for that next big adventure or even listening in your car. And we thought, well, why don't we put this together? Um, you know, we've got heaps to talk about and we, I mean, let's be honest when we're never short of a word or two. Exactly. So, um, so yeah, this is going to be awesome over the next, well going forward. We will be doing one a week. Yeah, so we putting these out there, do look out for it in, uh, December.

Andy & Dave: 02:32

Uh, definitely keep an eye on your inbox if you follow us and we'll be letting everyone know anyway. If you're already listening now, great. Subscribe, do keep an eye out because we will be releasing the other episodes really, really quickly. And I'm excited. Dave, how are you feeling mate? I'm incredibly excited. You know, one of my favorite parts of my job is when we do, you know, like live presentations or something like that via the website or Facebook. But then you have to be at a certain place, able to tune in something like this, the medium of podcasts, any media you can listen to it anywhere on your way to work in the gym, in the car. Um, it's going to make all the information that we think is useful and interesting and funny. Far more accessible. I mean, to be honest with you, I'm just excited to be given a platform to be able to talk about this because literally everyone I know is bored of hearing it. I wanted to put this next to you in the office, you know, because Dave, um, you know, he's definitely known around the office to be one that likes to talk about the mountains and, you know, I can't stop him. So definitely. Yeah. It's good to put a nice little, um, yeah. Microphone next to him this time, I'm only joking. No, I'm really excited and yeah, keep, keep a look out. Um, and yeah, have fun. Have an awesome week. Yeah, exactly. I can't wait.

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