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I was recently asked what my favourite trek was in Nepal, which is a really difficult one as they are all awesome in my opinion. Some are super challenging, some are quite leisurely but all of them offer something a little different in terms of experience and also difficulty.

So here goes, my Top 5 Treks in Nepal.

PS - I've included the guide for each trip. Just click, download and you're on your way.


5. Everest 3 Peaks 3 Passes Trek

Also known as the three passes trek or the Everest Circular, this is the toughest trek without summiting a trekking peak in the Everest region for sure.

Once you reach my favourite mountain village in Nepal, the beautifully positioned Namche Bazaar (Nothing to do with the Irish bar of course)you will follow the eastern valley and head over Renjo La Pass at over 5500m and into the scenic Gokyo Valley with its beautiful glacial lakes.

As you would on the Gokyo Valley trek, you would cross over the challenging Cho La Pass at over 5550m and into the Khumbu valley.

We then head to Everest Base Camp and as if your legs were not tired enough, we take you over the final pass, Kongma La, again rising to over 5500m.

This really is a real lung buster but a trek that is ideal for anyone wanting to really challenge their body and their mind!


4. Annapurna Base Camp Trek


There's nothing quite like seeing the Annapurna Massif rise above you like a huge wall of rock, ice and snow as you walk towards its well-positioned base camp.

Whenever people talk about trekking in the Himalayas, Everest is always spoken about first and rightly so. However, in the eastern part of Nepal lies the ever popular Annapurna region. Mt Annapurna with its 3 peaks is feared by many mountaineers and is often called the most dangerous mountain in the world. Speaking to mountaineering legend Alan Hinkes who is the only British man to climb all of the 14 8mountains back at the Keswick Mountain Festival last year, he said himself that no amount of money would make him want to climb that mountain again. Once was enough for him.

However, trekking to it's beautifully placed base camp is more than achievable for any avid trekker and also a lot safer too.

In terms of scenic views, this definitely challenges the Everest region.

To back this up, when I speak to our trekking guides and ask them about what is their favourite part of the country. I would say that around 75% of them say the Annapurna region. It must be worth a look and that's why it's in at number 4  on my list!



3. Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes Trek

The sometimes forgotten jewel of the Everest region where you visit the quieter trails of the Gokyo valley en route to Everest Base Camp. If you’re fed up of waiting for yaks, donkeys and fellow trekkers on the classic route to base camp then this one might be for you.

The pristine Gokyo valley with it’s 4 glacial lakes puts this one right up there for me.

It’s definitely a tougher hike than the 15-day route and you also have to climb over Cho La Pass at almost 5,500m but it’s more than doable for just about anyone with the right preparation of course.

This route gives you an opportunity to view another 8000m peak that you can’t view from on the classic route. Cho Oyu at 8188m is the 6th highest mountain in the world and as you head towards Gokyo village, this majestic mountain will keep you company for the entire day.

The Gokyo route is growing ever popular but is certainly one to add to your Bucket List for sure.

2. Ultimate Island Peak & Everest Base Camp (Winner Toughest Trek)


I came up with this itinerary around 18 months ago as I wanted to create a more challenging route to Island Peak and include Everest base camp & EverTrekkers have loved this one ever since. It’s a hybrid of the Island Peak climb, the Everest base camp trek with parts of the Everest 3 peaks 3 passes trek thrown in for good measure.

This is a toughie!

Summiting a 6000m peak, reaching the historic Everest base camp 5364m, climbing over 2 high passes above 5000m. All within 21 days of pure lung busting trekking heaven.

This one is definitely for people who like a challenge, are in good physical condition and ideally have been to high altitude previously.

Scaling the ridge leading up to the summit of Island Peak certainly gets the juices flowing that’s for sure and this earns a place at number 2 on my list.


1. Everest Base Camp Trek (EverTrekker favourite)


What more can be said about one of the best treks on the planet.

One for the bucket list that’s for sure.

Many people think this trek is easy. It’s not the most difficult trek on this list but it’s still a toughie and should be treated with respect. The first time I went here was during winter. The weather was really difficult and the temperatures never got into the plus figures. It was -25 at Everest base camp so to say this trek is easy is not true at all.

One of THE most beautiful parts of Nepal and also one of the best in terms of having access to good accommodation, good food and WIFI!

This trail winds it’s way along the Dudh Kosi river and into the Khumbu valley where you follow in the footsteps of famous mountaineers like Hilary, Bonnington and Mallory. Not only that but you also pass through and stay in local Sherpa villages and get to experience the hospitality of these wonderful people.

What a journey. What an adventure.

If there is one trip that you should do before you ‘kick the bucket’ then this is one!

A real EverTrekker favourite and my No. 1 trek in Nepal!



That's my Top 5 Treks in Nepal.

Any trek in Nepal is worth a look and these 5 are only a snippet of what's available.

I'm always on the lookout for more challenging treks throughout Nepal. It's such a vast county with 1000's of mountains and you could spend a lifetime trekking through its beautiful mountain valleys but if you ever want to come to Nepal, you won't go far wrong with these 5 treks.


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