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Welshman Walking Blog : Returns

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When EverTrek was in its infancy, MD and Head Yeti Andy, created a blog called Welshman Walking. This was about his first journey to Nepal where he was heading to Mt Everest for the first time. The writing took him from the busy Airport at London Heathrow, all the way to the foot of the tallest mountain on earth, Mt Everest, and back to Kathmandu.

As with any journey his was so much more than just reaching the destination. The realisation of a lifetime ambition, the friends he made on the trails, the hospitality he enjoyed from the Nepalese people and the life experiences he went through all added to the story. I hope you enjoy reading about this journey as much as Andy enjoyed living it. We will be posting each blog throughout the next few weeks with this being the third installment, in the build up to some of our planned expeditions in spring & Autumn 2017! Keep a sharp eye on the horizon for more news.


A hive of almost organised chaos!

At long last i left the city of Istanbul and was again on my way to Kathmandu. I had managed to squeeze in around 5 hours sleep and lots of Turkish food at the hotel but was eager to get on the road again after the eventful previous day.
I couldn't leave Istanbul, however without trying a beer or 2 and at the airport managed to have a couple of fine beers to wash down some snacks. It felt as though i had been away for ages and i hadn't even left Europe yet.

Eventually i said goodbye to my home continent as we flew over the rest of Turkey and into Iran, making our way past Pakistan and into India where i had to change in Mumbai and wait for my next flight to Kathmandu.

I had not managed a single wink of sleep on the 6 hour flight so i found a nice quiet spot for a sleep in a nice sun lounger type seat. I set 3 alarms as i was definitely not going to miss another flight and managed to get an hour or so of sleep.

My alarms must have awoke the entire airport let alone me as i jumped into action blurry eyed and in desperate need of coffee. The unfortunate lady next to me was wondering what the hell that annoying noise was. Whoopsy!

After quickly leaving the area the women who i obviously woke up gave me a sharp look of disdain. She must have been having a really good dream, that's all i could fathom. I hurriedly escaped to my boarding gate and got onto the plan pretty excited and ready to rock and roll and I couldn't resist yet another beer that was being offered on the flight.

After an hour or so i checked the map and we were fast approaching Nepal and Kathmandu. Looking out of the window on the plane i could see the huge mountainous vista in the distance. I have seen photos of the Himalaya before but nothing could have prepared me for that sight.

Huge. Gigantic. Bloody massive like!!

There were no words that would do it justice but it was clear i was a long way from the Brecon Beacons and thought what the hell have i got in store for myself Mr Moore.

My eyes were fixated on the snow covered mountains of the Himalaya until we started to descend into Kathmandu. You could see that parts of the city are still recovering from the 2 huge earthquakes and building after building looked like it had taken a real hammering. Luckily the runway of the Kathmandu Airport was still in one piece and we landed with a bang. I was feeling a little nervous at that stage. Not due to the bumpy landing or the fact i had a long trek ahead of me but nervous about
my baggage actually being in Kathmandu after the fun of the last few days.

After missing my flight to Kathmandu from Istanbul, my baggage must have gone with that flight anyway. It then would have had to come back to Istanbul in time to make my flight to Mumbai and in Mumbai it would then be transferred to a different airline, Jet Airways for the flight to Kathmandu. This was racing though my mind as i got my visa and passed through Nepalese customs, which took a while and headed for the baggage conveyors.

The place was a hive of almost organised chaos and i dived straight in once the Mumbai aisle came onto the screen as conveyor number 2. I waited for an age as everyone from my flight grabbed there baggage which ranged from Sony widescreen TV's to a Kingsize Duvet. 10 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, i was definitely starting to feel slightly concerned here. Another 15 minutes passed and i was looking around for the customer services desk when out of nowhere and all alone on the conveyor looking like a sad lost puppy was my trusty old backpack.

I almost shouted i was that relieved and gave a clenched fist pump just for the occasion. I was now ready to get on the trail and get trekking.

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