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My Own Bucket List

When EverTrek was in its infancy, MD and Head Yeti Andy, created a blog called Welshman Walking. This was about his first journey to Nepal where he was heading to Mt Everest for the first time. The writing took him from the busy Airport at London Heathrow, all the way to the foot of the tallest mountain on earth, Mt Everest, and back to Kathmandu.

As with any journey his was so much more than just reaching the destination. The realisation of a lifetime ambition, the friends he made on the trails, the hospitality he enjoyed from the Nepalese people and the life experiences he went through all added to the story. I hope you enjoy reading about this journey as much as Andy enjoyed living it. We will be posting each blog throughout the next few weeks in the build up to some of our planned expeditions in spring & Autumn 2017! Keep a sharp eye on the horizon for more news.

Sunrise and Sunset!

As i was up really early, i took the opportunity to catch the sunrise. After putting on as many layers as possible as it was around -10 in my room let alone outside, i headed to the dining room and it was complete silence. Everyone else was asleep as it was only 6:45am. I took a step outside as my feet crunched on the fresh snow that had fallen overnight. The sky was as clear as ever in the mornings and I watched the sun rise slowly but surely, hitting the tops of the peaks as if a giant torch had been switched on.

I watched this happen as the light eventually hit the slopes of Mt Everest and Lhotse. It was unbelievably peaceful as i took in the sublime views. Eventually the family running the lodge awoke another hour or so later as they lit the metal oven in the dining room to provide some much needed warmth. My toes and my fingers were freezing. This was definitely the coldest i had been so far in Nepal and it was absolute heaven as the heat finally came through as i thawed out my extremities.

As we were having a little breakfast 3 blokes came in looking absolutely freezing so we sat them next to the metal oven to warm them up. It seemed that one of their group had a difficult night suffering with the altitude and also had caught a virus to make things severely worse. They were heading to Everest Base camp but clearly this mans journey was over for now as they left and descended back to Namche. It reminded me how key it was to keep well in these mountains and to keep eating good and healthy food.

We soon packed and were off as we went in search of the sunlight which was slowly but surely making its way down the slopes of the mountains. When the sunlight finally hit our faces it was an immense relief as my sensitive nose was numb. Whilst my nose defrosted we continued up into the Valley climbing higher again with our target for today being Dingboche.

We passed another casualty of the earthquake, another bridge which was had completely collapsed. Another had been put in its place however as we crossed the almost frozen river and made our way up and down the winding trail once more.

We passed a few of the local villages where life was quiet as it was the off season as far as trekking was concerned. My guide mentioned that he had never seen the trails so clear and i have to be honest i loved the sense of being in the middle of nowhere on my own. In peak season these trails become a highway of trekkers and mountaineers. Part of me was certainly yearning for some company in the lodges  but I would think finding a balance between the trails being busy and having someone to share a beer with in the lodges would be great.

The elevation was certainly noticeable as it felt like i needed to take an extra breath than normal just to take a step forward. This was common however but i wasn't feeling any signs of altitude sickness so far luckily. The altitude of 4000 meters is usually when people start suffering with symptoms of altitude sickness so it was a good sign and it gave me a little confidence going forward.We finally made it to our lodge in Dingboche which lies at 4300 meters and I chilled out with a lovely coffee whilst i chatted to a couple of other trekkers who i had met in Namche. After some grub and more trekking stories whilst crowding around the metal oven which was being fueled by Yak poo which was an interesting idea, the sun was beginning to get lower.

I made my way outside as Lhotse changed from a blinding white from the snow on the peak into a dark shade of red. What a beautiful end to a beautiful day.

I certainly wouldn't be forgetting the sunset and sunrise from today that's for sure.


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