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So what is the weather really like on Kilimanjaro?

Great question and when we talk about the weather on Kilimanjaro, it's everything you can imagine.

When climbing Kilimanjaro, you will experience all four seasons. There'll be days when it's quite dry and dusty. There'll also be days when especially during the first couple of days and at certain times of the year where the weather will be wet and it will rain on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro.

You will be in the jungle environment where it feels like it can rain at any moment so make sure you do pack your waterproofs. In addition, there'll be times when you're on the summit climb, it's freezing and it's really windy and you could even get some snow with near-zero visibility. You will experience all four seasons so do make sure you pack for four seasons.

As always, preparation is key to any trek, especially when climbing Kilimanjaro. Regardless of the weather, just plan and pack for all four seasons. A few items to make sure you pack are a decent down jacket, some decent waterproofs including some waterproof trousers. Also, think about having plenty of socks. On a multi-day trek like Kilimanjaro the long way, where you'll be on the away from home for say 11/12 days and on the trek itself for seven or eight days, you want to make sure your feet are in good condition so do make sure you have enough socks for the trek.

So just as a reminder, when you're planning and preparing for a trek to Kilimanjaro, make sure that you get all the gear you need for all four seasons and you will have an awesome climb to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa.


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