Awesomeness Guarantee

Awesomeness Guarantee



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When you book and become an EverTrekker, you are covered by our 'Awesomeness Guarantee'


We are not ones to hide behind complicated rules or the old T & C’s. That's why we came up with our Awesomeness Guarantee. This is something that's created and based on trust, transparency and a little bit of common sense added into the mix.

Here's how it works

If you feel that you were let down by our experience and that your trip was not awesome then contact us. We will then gather all of the details from you, talk to our staff on the ground to locate and validate any problems and completely understand why things went wrong.

If we find that something was completely wrong and wasn’t as described and we establish the fault or problem was within our control or our staff on the ground then we’ll work out a refund that’s proportional to the scale of the issue.

As ever, and in line with the way in which we work, fairness and transparency is needed from both sides including you. We just ask that if you do spot anything that isn’t quite right, you mention this to the staff on the ground, give them the chance to rectify the situation whilst you’re on the trip. Without having done that, it’s way more difficult to put things right. This would be taking into account when looking at the case.

We want all of your adventures with us to be 'AWESOME' which is why we are proud to cover your bookings with the 'Awesomeness Guarantee'. If on the hugely outside chance that you want to claim then email and we will open an investigation into why your trip wasn't awesome.