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Understanding the need for adventure...

Voted the UK's number one trekking and walking company at the British Travel Awards by our awesome customers, we know how to get that adventure done for you!

I mean it’s not every day you fly across the world to wander the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu or enjoy a dreamy Everest sunrise. But for us, it’s been our every day for YEARS!

The balance of the challenge and time to explore the remote mountains, a mix of the classics and some local secrets you won’t find on Google. 

Thats adventure done proper!

Flexible Yeti’s

We like to remain as accessible and as flexible as possible by having our Adventure Experts like Rosie, Vicky, Dave or Jody on hand to supply all the information you need for a successful and worry-free and epic trip. 

From our video messages to picking up the 'Dog and Bone'. We are never far away from answering your questions. 

You could even join us on one of our Tuesday Tune-In LIVE Q & A's each week over on Facebook where we answer all of your top trekking questions. 


Taking Prep to the next level

We spend more time preparing our EverTrekkers and truly believe they are the
best prepared trekkers on the mountain with a success rate of over 95% (industry
standard 65%).

You get a personalised trip planner, which will be your trekking bible for both before and during the trek to help prepare you practically, mentally & physically.

You'll have access to our Mobile app with countdown timers, maps, and heaps more to clued up on everything you need to know about your trip. 

Adventure is in the blood!

Ever since our Head Yeti and CEO Andy set up EverTrek on his return from Nepal many years ago, our focus has been on helping our community to achieve big things in the mountains of the world.

We're trekkers, climbers and adventurers just like you and all of our Yeti team here in the UK have gone on trips. You could say that trekking is in our blood and we love nothing more than to help you get that adventure in the diary and ticked off. 


Saving the planet one trek at a time

We've made it a priority to find a solution to the environmental issues that our planet faces. Whilst we love taking trekkers to the epic mountains the world, we also have a responsibility to look after the place whilst we are there.  

One of the first things we put in place back in 2019 was that we were the first company from the UK to introduce fresh filtered drinking water in Nepal using water filters on every trip. Our customers no longer need to buy plastic bottles or use chlorine tablets. This means less plastic and a far more pleasant experience for our customers.

We also joined hundreds of other travel companies to 'Declare a Climate Emergency' in 2020 where we committed to reducing our carbon emissions. In doing so we also teamed up with Mossy Earth where they re-wild and carbon offset from our donations. 

Local experience is everything

We only ever use local guiding teams in the countries we operate. If you're trekking to Everest Base Camp, for example, having a local Nepalese or Sherpa guide as part of your team means everything. The experience, the knowledge, having someone on your side who speaks the language. You get to enjoy the trek or the adventure as it should be without stress or worry about the small things.

As well as that, by using a local EverTrek guide the vast majority of your money will go straight to the local economy and guiding teams, porters, hotel staff and drivers. 

This has always been important and remains important to us as we continue to run trips in many new countries around the world. 


The EverTrek Quality

Having an awesome time is the backbone of every one of our trips. We are not content with average and cutting corners is not an option. That means that when we go trekking we take the long way. When we choose the routes, we go for the best ones available(Sometimes we make our own)and we also recruit the highest quality guiding teams that we can. 

This is backed up by our awesomeness guarantee where we want all of your adventures with us to be 'AWESOME' which is why we are proud to cover your bookings with the 'Awesomeness Guarantee'.