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Flexibility around changing your trip.

We want to make sure that when you book with us, you feel secure in the knowledge that you can change your date, change your trek and also your payment options at ANY time which is why we have this Flexibility promise.

Here at EverTrek we understand more than most the need for flexibility when booking your trip. If an unexpected life change has occurred such as a new baby, injuries or indeed a pandemic (let's hope we never experience that one again!) - we want to make sure you have the flexibility to make date changes to your trip without the extra admin fees or hassle.

Under our flexibility promise you can usually change the date of your trip up to 30 Days before you are due to leave without any admin fees or bother - as many times as you like!*

Don't know a date you want to reschedule onto?! It's all gravy - we can put your trip on hold for up to 6 months so you can pick your dates when you know more.

We have rescheduled literally 100's of our EverTrekkers trips to future dates and even onto different treks altogether over the last couple of years without any extra fees or charges.

We know it's your goal to get on a trip as soon as you can so we always want to remain as flexible as possible.

As with everything there are a couple conditions to be aware of...

- *For the majority of our trips you usually won't incur any other additional charges, however it's important to note that in South America we will have had to pay out for permits and non-cancellable internal travel that may need to be covered. This will usually be up to the amount of $300 maximum but we'll certainly keep this as low as possible and only charge you for the exact amount that is incurred.

-Trips that have a minimum number requirement will only be able to be amended up to 6 months before the trip date.

- If you have booked onto a trek under an old price point that we no longer offer due to our own internal increases, you will be offered one reschedule honoured under that price point - following this you will need to reschedule under our updated price point and will be required to pay the difference.

- It's important to note that our refund terms apply from your original trip date not your rescheduled trip date.


Flexibility around payments.


We offer flexible payment options on all of our treks meaning that once you pay a deposit, you can choose to spread your payments over manageable monthly payments or pay as and when you like in the members are on our website. There is also an option to pay your deposit and then pay nothing until 6 months before you depart. As well as these options you can choose to pause and re-start any payment options as and when you like. All of this makes paying for your trek super flexible.


Lifetime Deposit


When you book and pay a deposit with us, this deposit becomes a 'Lifetime Deposit'. This means that if you want to change your trek or cancel your current trek, this can be transferred to another trip at any point and lasts for LIFE.


Our team of Yetis are here for you!


All the EverTrek Yetis are here to offer help and guidance on every aspect of your trek and work out when and how you can take that challenge on.

If you have any worries or concerns about a trip, then don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone and we will do whatever we can to help and hopefully take away some of that stress and uncertainty, goodness knows there has been enough of that over the last couple of years! Just email us on info@evertrek.co.uk or call the team on 02920 003216.

We want everyone who booked on a trip with us to be able to reach their destination, whether that be to Everest, Kilimanjaro or anywhere else and myself and the team are here for you to make that happen.


Supporting Brecon Mountain Rescue

Did you know that when you book a trip with us we donate to support the volunteers at Brecon Mountain Rescue.