Evertrek Yetis

Our Team In the UK

Andy Moore
Andy MooreFounder, CEO & Head Yeti
Andy set up EverTrek after a trip to Nepal and returned to Wales eager to not only help the country by supporting local trade but also open up opportunities for avid adventurers to get out of their comfort zone and test their physical limits in the Himalayas and beyond. His obvious love and passion for the mountains and outdoors feeds down to the tight knit EverTrekker community and the day to day running of the business. His goal is to inspire people to not only reach the summits of mountains or trek to places like Everest Base Camp but also love the journey along the way, as he put's it 'It's all about the journey'.
Dave Carpenter
Dave CarpenterDirector of Supplier Relations & Product Development, & Painted Yeti
Dave is hugely experienced in high altitude trekking and is an integral part of the EverTrek team in the UK. Whether he is out exploring in Nepal, Tanzania or Morocco or keeping close to his routes in the Welsh hills on a wet and windy trail - he's seen it all! He's also no stranger to getting out on the bike trail (and he's got the injuries to prove it!) As his Yeti name suggests, Dave is partial to getting in the tattoo studio for something new, whether it's a one eyed cartoon pigeon or something more spiritual. Dave is largely involved with the BEST part of EverTrek - the trips! And making you sure your adventures are as awesome as they can be!
Jen Hall
Jen HallCOO, Lesser Spotted Yeti
Jen is rarely seen by most EverTrekkers so if you spot her you can count yourself lucky that you've seen the snow leopard of the EverTrek Yeti world. This is because Jen is overseeing the inner workings of EverTrek to make sure you EverTrekkers and the Yetis have the best experience possible. She also plays a part in the content you see over in your inbox or socials, so you might see more of her than you realise! Although the 'Lesser Spotted Yeti', she's also nicknamed the 'Jenerator' for her knack of coming up with cool ideas and new things for our EverTrekkers. She's basically an all-round pro and keeps all the ducks in a row!
Zach Gidney
Zach GidneyChief Content Creator & Musical Yeti
Zach has always had a love for the outdoors having grown up in Yorkshire and Lancashire where he spent his childhood hiking with his dad and siblings. Zach is known as the 'Musical Yeti' with his extremely varied and eclectic musical background, playing various weird and wonderful instruments, from the saxophone to the Irish bagpipes and recently a wooden flute in the Souks of Marrakesh. His love of music has led him down many new paths including learning orchestral conducting, setting up and creating a small orchestra group and if you're lucky, you will also see him performing at yearly concerts in Wales. Having begun working with EverTrek freelance for years as a videographer, Zach finally officially joined the Yeti team in 2022! Zach works on some super cool projects creating awesome content for EverTrekkers including trip videos and our monthly EverTrekker Newsletter bringing you all the latest!
Rosie Long
Rosie LongHead of Corporate Partnerships & Events AKA Yeti Hapus
Rosie joined EverTrek after graduating from Liverpool John Moores University. Coming from Mid Wales, Rosie is used to the vast countryside and more remote routes, whether she's walking or on horse back! Rosie has built a network of fantastic partners for our EverTrekkers, providing loads of extra content and some awesome discounts! You may have also seen Rosie in front of the camera creating some hilarious TikToks!
Lauren Carter
Lauren CarterGlobal Operations Manager & Social Yeti
Prior to joining the EverTrek team, Lauren worked and lived in the Netherlands. Knowing that there are not too many mountains in the Netherlands she opted for Wales and worked at the University Hospital of Wales. Lauren now looks after all our EverTrekkers prearrival information, making sure everyone arrivals safely and has an awesome trip!
Jody Morris
Jody MorrisAdventure Expert & Running Yeti
Jody, our 'Running Yeti' here at EverTrek HQ, would certainly give David Goggins a 'Run' for his money. Often seen putting the running miles in the Welsh valleys as well as taking on Marathons, Half Marathons like 'The Great North Run' and the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge (4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours - WOW), it's safe to say that Jody loves to push herself physically and will do anything for a medal and a T-shirt. After a few years living in Derbyshire in the Peak District exploring the mountains with her dog Poppy, she's now returned to Wales to join our 'Yeti' team assisting EverTrekkers in preparing for their treks as well as always being on hand for any fitness and running advice.
Vicky Jones
Vicky JonesCustomer Services Manager, Adventure Expert & Dancing Yeti
Our Dancing Yeti Vicky has done her fair bit of travelling in South East Asia, South America and Europe as well as spending 6 years in Denmark as a preschool teacher. Her love for the outdoors and the mountains brought her to EverTrek where she brings a huge amount of high-altitude trekking experience having trekked extensively in South America to places like Machu Picchu in Peru & Cotopaxi in Ecuador as well as numerous remote treks in the Andes. If we can drag her away from the dance floor performing anything from jazz, ballet, burlesque or even cheerleading she'll be chatting to EverTrekkers preparing for their treks at HQ or exploring the rugged Welsh mountains in her spare time.
Sophie Condra
Sophie CondraAdventure Expert & Horseback Yeti
Sophie grew up surrounded by mountaineering and the outdoors…Here weekends and holidays were spent hiking, scrambling, camping, cycling and exploring in the French and Swiss Alps, Iceland, Norway and pretty much everywhere in the UK! As her Yeti name suggests, if she isn’t at HQ helping EverTrekkers with their trips, she spends a lot of time riding her horse in the Shropshire Hills. You may also find her hibernating with some good music and book in her down-time. Her dream is to convert a van and road-trip around Europe for a few months, taking her dog with her of course. She also wants to broaden her travels to the rest of the world and tick off her (very long) bucket list!
Helen Chacon
Helen ChaconGlobal Operations Coordinator & Curious Yeti
Meet our 'Curious Yeti' Helen! She's been scaling walls and hitting the slopes since she was tiny. A few years back, she called Canada home, skiing and hiking the Rockies. Helen joined us here at EverTrek after moving from London to Herefordshire where she and Frankie (her pup) revel in countryside adventures. Currently, she's cruising through her final year of a psychology degree, always curious to know the latest research. When she's not getting all of your trips ready or buried in books for her studies, she's diving into new reads, feeding her love for learning.

Our Team Overseas

Anuj Pandey
Anuj PandeyNepal Operations Manager & Sky Diving Yeti
Anuj manages all of the Nepal operations and liaises with our Painted Yeti Dave and rest of the team making sure all of the on the ground logistics are put in place for each trip and expedition. Anuj has traveled extensively around most of Asia and Europe, having lived and studied in Austria for a number of years. He has a Masters’ degree in Innovation & Tourism Management in Austria with his dissertation research focusing on “Making Adventure Tourism Sustainable- A case study of Everest area” and also has a Bachelors degree in Commerce. He has been inspirational in creating our plans to reduce the plastic use on all of our treks by introducing purified water filters on each trek. Although he could be labeled the 'Biker Yeti' with his love of motorbikes, Anuj is also a huge fan of sky diving. He organised and ran the team which completed the World record for highest parachute landing on Mt Baruntse (6150m in 2019 where his brother made the landing and he also runs regular skydiving events over the Everest region in November each year.