Unleashing the Power of Performance: A Review of Vulcan Sportswear

Hey EverTrekkers, strap in and get ready to revamp your trekking wardrobe because we've made a discovery! There is nothing I hate more than being cold, kind of off-brand, I know! So when I heard about Vulcan Sportswear, I was really excited to try it out for you guys and see whether it actually works and is worth the hype.


So, Vulcan Sportswear creates clothing for outdoor adventurers, using infrared technology to heat the clothing and keep you warm while you're in the mountains (essentially, your personal radiator that you can control with a click of a button). The whole concept of clothing that actually heats up is a little mind-blowing to me.

A couple of things I was skeptical about before trying the kit were the battery pack's longevity in cold temperatures and whether they would be too bulky or heavy and hinder me while trekking. In terms of battery life, I found they held up really well. Although please bear in mind that I tested them on Mt Toubkal in Morocco on a 3-day trip, as opposed to a 2-week 6000m peak expedition. Having spoken to John, the founder of Vulcan to learn more about the battery life, he explained its always good to be mindful how hoe you store the batteries when they are not in use. For example, I kept the battery wrapped up in my sleeping bag (just as I do with my battery packs) when their not in use, which is a great way to keep them from getting cold. I found that when you have the battery pack on, they are positioned close to your body, so they also benefit from your body heat, which helps sustain the battery capacity.

My first impression when I opened the kit was that the batteries are very lightweight, compactly designed, and sit nicely in the battery sleeve compartments. The batteries in the gloves were slightly more noticeable but didn't detract from my overall happiness with the product as a whole.

So, I tried out 3 pieces of kit from Vulcan:


Heated Base Layer: https://vulcansportswear.com/product/heated-baselayer/ 

  1. This was my favorite piece of kit. It has three heating zones, one at the top of your back and two placed at the bottom - perfect if you are prone to getting a bad back (or for the ladies who suffer from period pains). The compact battery pack fits neatly into a zip compartment at the front of the base layer. One of my main concerns for all the kit was the weight of the batteries, but honestly, I didn't notice them. The base layer has 3 different heat options controlled by a small button at the bottom of the top. While trekking, I actually only had it turned on for short boosts, specifically at the start of the trek when I was a little cold and stiff from the trek the day before, when we were walking over glaciers, and when we stopped for breaks. The panels heat up immediately, with the hottest setting being 60°C, so there is no concern about being cold! I really wish I had this base layer with me when I did Machu Picchu via the Tomocaya route back in September 2022. We woke up to adverse weather and 4 inches of snow around our tent, and I just remember being so cold, especially at night. For sizing reference, I am a size 10-12, and I wore a Small.

Heated cycling/Ski Gloves: https://vulcansportswear.com/product/heated-cycling-gloves/ 

  1. Next up, we have the gloves because there is nothing worse than having cold fingers. These gloves were actually fantastic even without the heat feature. They are fleece-lined and have touchscreen material, so you can still use your phone easily without compromising your fingers! When turned on, the heat technology envelops the entire hand. One thing I will say is that I always wear my Garmin Vivomove watch, and I found that with the gloves when the batteries were in, they were a little bulky on the wrist. However, from doing my research and looking at the market, Vulcan offers the slimmest and most compact battery without compromising temperature or usage. For sizing reference, I wore a Medium.

Heated Socks: https://vulcansportswear.com/product/heated-socks/ 

  1. Time to bid farewell to frozen toes! I really loved these socks on the mountain. I kept them on low the whole time. Their COOLMAX technology keeps the material aired to keep your feet dry - no one likes sweaty feet (unless you do!). I was initially unsure whether the battery pack in the socks would be annoying or wouldn't sit right against my leg, but they really didn't. The pocket sleeve fits them nicely. It was also so handy to have the remote control for the socks attached to my jacket zip so you don't have to bend down and faff with your trouser leg every time you want to change the setting.

So that was my experience with some of the Vulcan Sportswear kit. Yes, the pieces of kit are a bit of an investment, but in my opinion, they are totally worth it if your treks are hindered by previous injuries, sore muscles, or even if you are just fed up with tolerating the cold. I'm always looking for new ways and hacks that can make my time on the mountain a little easier, and these 3 products certainly do that. I'm very pleased to say they are now my new staples when packing for a cold trip.

Written By

Rosie Long

Yeti Hapus