Wave goodbye to chlorine. Say hello to filtered water.

Back in 2019, myself and 'painted yeti' Dave headed over to Nepal for 4 or 5 days to finalise things before the trekking season kicked off. It was also an opportunity to look at a few improvements and upgrades to our treks to Everest Base Camp.

One of the big things to come out of this visit was our plan to change the way we purify water on the trek!

We get asked about water purification a lot and rightly so, as you need to be drinking at least 3 or 4 litres of the good stuff a day on a trek to Everest base camp.

In previous years, we have provided water purification tablets or droplets to add to the water to make it safe to drink. However, from experience, this isn't that great for you & after a few days, you do get sick of the taste of chlorine.

I've had numerous days of heartburn myself from drinking chlorinated water and I came to the decision that we needed to change this.

So we decided to invest in water filters for all of our treks in Nepal! No more chlorine! Wahhoooo! 

This means that every morning, every stop during the day and every evening, your guide will filter the water for you and fill your bottles/bladder so you have enough for the entire day.

This also means that you don't have to buy bottled water which not only saves on plastic consumption and is far better for the environment, but will also make a huge impact on your wallet as at higher altitudes, a bottle can be as much as £3.50 for a 1 ltr bottle!

Happy days!

In the words of Sawyer International who make the filters -
Just drink: no pumping, no chemicals, no waiting, no worries! 

The only place we would still recommend buying bottled water is at Gorak Shep (5180m) as there is no flowing water source there.


We are one of the only companies in the UK to provide filtered water to our customers on the Everest Base Camp trek and I'm super stoked to be making this happen. 

I believe that it doesn't only have a huge & positive environmental impact on the Khumbu region of Nepal by saving on plastic, but it also makes the trek a more enjoyable experience for our customers.


Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO