How high is Everest Base Camp?

How high is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp lies on the Khumbu Glacier and as we know with glaciers, they are constantly moving and either shrinking or growing. Where the actual base camp does move year on year but generally on most measurements the height of base camp it's 5,364 meters or 17,598 feet.

When we do a trek to Everest Base Camp, we actually climb higher than that because we also include a summit of Kala Patthar, which is 5,644m (18,517ft) so it's a little bit higher.

The main difference between base camp and Kala Patthar is that you can view the summit of Everest from the summit of Kala Patthar. You can't see the summit from Everest Base Camp due to viewing angle.

If you visit in the spring climbing season of March, April, May then the actual camp is massive. Sometimes over 1.5 miles across with all of the different expedition teams, summit teams, and some at different heights too. Some teams camp closer to the Khumbu Icefall where the summit climb starts and some stay a bit further down, nearer the old Everest Base Camp of the 1953 expedition.

Whichever part of base camp you visit, it's an amazing place that's for sure!

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