10 Amazing reasons to trek to Everest BC

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most famous treks on the planet, and for good reason. The changing scenery, incredible views, and unique culture in Nepal make this trek a must! The hike itself brings on feelings of wonder and joy; an experience that should not be missed by anyone! Here are our 10 amazing reasons to hike the Everest Base Camp Trek

1. Kathmandu

This is where it all starts! The anticipation at this point of the trek reaches almost unbearable heights as you get geared up for the journey ahead. There is nothing quite like that tinge of fear in all the excitement to make the blood flow just that little bit faster!

Kathmandu is a sprawling city of crazy motor vehicle drivers, historical temples, and great food. Take this time to relax and prepare your body for the oncoming adventure into the mountains. Ohhh... and one last thing, get some chocolate here to take with you, it's cheaper here than anywhere else!!


2. Lukla

Okay, so this might not be everyone’s favourite moment, but it is certainly one of ours! As the picture above shows, the runway at the infamous Tenzing-Hillary airport is jaw-droppingly short.

Some people describe the flight and landing as exhilarating, and some describe it as downright disturbing! Whichever side you fall on, the memory will stay with you forever - which is why it makes our top 10 list! On a more practical note, if you want some great views of the mountains, make sure you sit on the left hand side when you’re flying into Lukla.


3. Sagarmatha National Park

Sadly, we humans have a tendency to focus on the destination more often than the journey. Sagarmatha National Park is a world heritage site and most of the EBC trek winds its way through this gorgeous landscape. Many people never mention the park, but its flora, fauna and vistas all come together to make the entire trek so special!

The changing landscape of the park is especially rewarding as you trek through terrain made of juniper, birch, bamboo, blue pines, firs and rhododendron. For wildlife-lovers, the park is home to over 100 species of bird, musk deer, red pandas, Himalayan black bears, and, very occasionally, snow leopards! If you do happen to come across a snow leopard we advise running just a little faster than the next person...


4. Namche Bazaar

A couple of days into the trek you come across a wondrous patch of beautiful and scenic land called 'Namche Bazaar' or just 'Namche' as many guides call it. This place is a hub for trekkers as a sort of mid-point between landing in Lukla and making it into the depths of the mountains. 

Be prepared - Namche is of the LAST pit stops to stock up on any treats that you need before heading higher into the Khumbu region! When we speak to trekkers and travelers alike, everyone has a good word or 10 about Namche. We couldn't agree more. This is a place you will want to visit again for sure.


5. The Guides and Porters

Although our guides and porters are best known for their almost super-human mountaineering skills, they are also incredibly welcoming and friendly people that will make your journey that much more enjoyable. Within about 10 miles of your trek beginning you’ll already be thanking your lucky stars that you have a porter carrying your heavy gear. These guys are scarily fit and will often just plough on ahead to get everything set up for you before you arrive. If you get the chance, make sure you chat to your guide and porters as their stories and culture are nothing short of fascinating.
6. The Views

Let’s face it, the vistas along the trek are probably one of the biggest draw points for trekkers to Nepal. For this reason, the Everest Base Camp trek could not possible disappoint! Throughout the trek you’ll get numerous views of some of the giants of our earth, including Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam and, of course, Everest. However, the view that takes the cake is without a doubt the view of Everest from the top of Kala Pattar (below). Many people don’t realise that the peak of Everest cannot be seen from Base Camp, instead, the classic peak shot comes from the view point at Kala Pattar. Not only can you see the peak, but you also get great views of the infamous Khumbu Icefall far below.
7. Monasteries

Even if you’re not a culture-vulture, the monasteries along the trek will not fail to impress! Of the several monasteries you come across, Tengboche monastery (above) is probably the most impressive. Located in the village of Tengboche, the monastery is draped in a backdrop of giant peaks including Lohtse, Everest and Nuptse. The monastery was built in 1916 by Lama Gulu and offers trekkers a truly unique experience upon entering the beautiful complex.
8. Teahouses

If you’re a novice trekker, teahouses will start to look like shining beacons of light at the end of a long day of trekking. That first sip of tea or beer is a sheer delight. Teahouses on the EBC trek are extremely social and friendly affairs that bring everyone together after a glorious day of hiking. The food is very authentic and the families that run the teahouses are always welcoming. Food is often cooked and eaten in the same room, which lends to the inviting communal atmosphere. Most trekkers will stay in the dining room in the evening drinking and swapping stories.

9. Amazing Everest Base Camp

We couldn’t leave out Base Camp itself, after all, this is what you've come for! After trekking for over a week, reaching your destination is an incredibly gratifying experience and it will be an emotional moment for sure.

Although you can’t see the peak of Everest from that point, the feeling of awe is no less diminished as you stand at the base of the world’s tallest mountain. Its sheer size and bulk will hold you entirely captivated. If you trek in the spring or autumn time you might even meet some of the mountaineers attempting to climb the mountain itself!


10. Achievement

The accomplishment of reaching the foot of the tallest mountain in the world will stay with you forever. You will look back with a huge sense of achievement and pride at what you attained in the high mountains of the Himalayas!



Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO