What's the split between solo and group travellers on an Everest Base Camp trek

What is the split between our groups? Is it solo? Is it people who book on their own? Or is it mainly just groups that book with us?

Very good question. We do get asked this quite a lot. It's very mixed actually. Normally the groups that go to Everest Base Camp are very even in terms of people who book solo by themselves to join one of our fixed departure dates and people who book who are already in a group of two or more people. So about 50/50.

The same goes for male and female split which is also around 50/50 - though we are finding in recent times that more and more women are choosing to travel solo compared to men - go girls!

So if you’re going on a trip to Everest Base Camp, or one of our other amazing destinations, and you're either with a group or you're thinking of doing it solo, you're not the only one, it's very even across the board.

You can find more details about what it's like to be a solo trekker on one of our trips here! 

Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO