What is the food & accommodation like on Kilimanjaro?

On our Kilimanjaro ‘the long way’ trek, you will be staying in a combination of hotels and tents throughout the trip. When you’re not in the mountains, you’ll be staying at a great hotel in Moshi. Moshi is a lovely city which is basically situated at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a very poor area and so you will see a lot of poverty here, but on the outskirts you have some really nice hotels spread about. The hotel that we use is called the Springlands Hotel and is a really fantastic three-star hotel which is perfect for where you are. With adventure travel, it’s not all about luxury, but it certainly has its comfort levels and perks. There’s a place to get a massage, there’s a pool and it has a great bar - so you’ve got plenty of places where you can chill out. 

It’s essentially a base for you to relax before your adventure of climbing Kilimanjaro and gives you time to explore the local area, which is something that we do a little bit differently compared to other Kili expeditions. The day after you arrive in Tanzania, once you’ve relaxed and recovered from your flight, you will explore Moshi and the local area. We feel it is important to spend time here rather than just legging it straight up the mountain and all our EverTrekkers who have joined us for Kili have found this time to explore really valuable.

(You can find out more about what you’ll get up to in Moshi here)


So back to accommodation, most of the time it’s twin rooms with shared accommodation and occasionally triple rooms depending on capacity at the hotel. When it comes to the mountain you’ll be camping in tents, these again are shared and are basically around the size of a three-man tent but there’s only two people in them.

You will have your own space, plenty of room and your own mat. Usually we have two people sharing, however during the mad times of Covid, we have put in place the use of single tents to allow for social distancing and minimise the risk of spread. However, as Covid comes to an end, it is likely that we will revert back to the sharing of tents. Depending on when you’re reading & watching this, hopefully these days will be long behind us! If you would prefer a single tent on the trek then get in touch with us, we’ll be more than happy to look into the availability and provide you with details of any additional costs.


When it comes to food, in Moshi you can get some delicious local dishes. There’s a variety on offer at the hotel such as rice, curry, veggie options, some chicken & meat dishes. When you're on the mountain, you’ll also enjoy surprisingly good food. You'll have things that will remind you of home comforts for lunch & dinner such as pasta, pizza, or chips. Sometimes you get popcorn and other random dishes will appear like tasty desserts. For breakfast, you might have things like an omelette, beans, maybe some sausages. 


It's not bad when you're on the mountain, especially considering where you are. On some of our trips, especially when we think of Nepal and treks like Everest Base Camp, we always tend to stick to a vegetarian diet. But it's a little bit different in Kilimanjaro and we do eat meat on the mountain. Obviously, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, or if you have any intolerances or allergies, do let us know so we can make sure that our chefs are briefed and they can address that. They’ll take care to cater for your needs and make sure that there's no contamination and things like that when you're on the mountain.

So that’s your accommodation and food in a nutshell!
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Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO