How do I get a Nepalese visa visiting from the UK

If you are travelling to Nepal from the UK you will need to apply for a Visa. There are two ways you can apply for it - online or you get get it on arrival at the airport in Nepal.


Some information you will need when apply for your Visa:

Type of visa required - 30 day visa - £40

Embassy of Nepal, London

  • 12a Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QU
  • 02072291594

Your Accommodation Details 

Hotel Aloft

  • Address: Chhaya Devi Complex, Amrit Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
  • Phone: +977 1-5252000

Getting your Visa online:

Getting your Visa online is what we usually like to recommend. It means that when you arrive in Nepal you can cut the queues and get to the hotel quicker. It also just gives you peace of mind that it is all sorted.

  1. Head over to the Nepalese Embassy website and click the link to begin your application - Click here

2. Here is an example of how yours may look....


3. The next page asks for a few more details and asks you to upload your passport photo. If you run into any problems with the page not moving forward it may be that the file type is incompatible with the site (make sure it is a JPEG,JPPG or PNG) and try and make the file smaller.

4. Once you have filled out the application, download it to your computer and print it off. If you are unable to print it make sure you enclose your Submission ID when you send off your passport and form and that will enable them to find your details.

5. Enclose a self addressed non-expiring prepaid envelope (you can get this from your local post office)your printed out form or Submission ID and your passport in a tracked envelope and send it to the Nepalese Embassy, London. (Address above)

6. When the Nepalese Embassy receives your passport and information they will email you a payment link. Once you have made the payment they will send your passport and visa back to you.

7. The whole process is very quick and you usually get your passport back within a few day.

Once visa issued, it will be valid up-to six months only, so please enter the country within six months of visa issued date.

Getting your Visa on arrival at the Airport

Getting your visa on arrival in Kathmandu is an alternative way to get your visa however it can be a little bit of a gamble as sometimes there are long queues and so you can be waiting for a while.

If you do want to chance it and live life on the wild side, simply go to the Visa desk when you arrive, they take a picture of you for the document and will take the payment.

Written By

Rosie Long

Yeti Hapus