My First Time at Altitude: essential kit list that won’t break the bank!

My first time at altitude was back in September 2022 when I completed Machu Picchu via the Tomacaya trail. Having the right kit is a must but you don’t always need to break the bank or compromise on quality to get the stuff you need. So I’m here with a list of kit recommendations which have been tried and tested by the Yetis and have our seal of approval.

I got the majority of my kit from Decathlon. Decathlon’s mission is to make sport accessible for the many. In doing so, they create high-performing designs and sustainable products, so you can go away feeling like you’ve got the best deal without compromising the environment.



One thing we always drill home when talking about kit is that certain items like fleeces are what they are and you certainly don't need to be spending a fortune.
MensRegatta Half Zip Fleece Top
WomensRegatta Half Zip Fleece Top 

Mens: The Quechua Warm Water-Repellent Stretch Hiking Trousers are brilliant value for money and perfect for hiking in the snow with their built-in gaiter protection. If you are looking for something lighter weight, the Forclaz Sturdy Mountain Trekking Trousers are the ones for you.
Womens: Walking trousers were something I had never purchased before, I had always felt most comfortable walking in my Gymshark leggings. I wanted trousers which were high waisted and comfortable as well as flattering. I went for the Forclas Mountain Trekking Heavy-Duty Trouser MT500, and honestly they are great. Lightweight and breathable and fit like a glove. On colder days of the trek I put running leggings underneath which was fine however I recommend getting a trouser with an inner fleece, specifically designed for trekking in the snow. For example, there is the Quechua Warm Water-Repellent Hiking Trouser or the Quechua Snow Hiking Trouser.

Base Layers
Having good base layers, especially on top, is the key to keeping your body warm when you’re out in the mountains. Without getting too technical, the fabric make-up plays a huge part, merino wool is fantastic because its quick drying and is naturally antibacterial which makes it more resistant to odors.
MensForclaz Merino Wool T-Shirt
WomensForclaz Merino Wool Long Sleeve Top
MensForclaz Merino Wool Tights
WomensForclaz Merino Wool Leggings

Solognac Merino Wool Socks

Trekking Poles
Trekking poles are a must for all of our trips. I had never used poles before but I found them a game changer both in the UK and Peru. I got the Regatta Ultralite Poles (pack of 2) and they've been brilliant.

Adult 2-in-1 Extreme Cold Trekking Gloves, these go down to -20°C and they have a great multi-function design which means you can remove or add in the inner glove based on your temperature.

There are a few things I would recommend to someone looking for good value pieces of kit, first and foremost, READ REVIEWS! This is so important and always gave me a good gauge as to whether it would be suitable for the cold weather out in Peru or Nepal as opposed to a chilly winter walk in the UK! My second tip is to research the product - what’s the purpose of this piece of kit and what materials should it be made out of? For example, socks and base layers being made from merino wool. My third tip, try before you buy! Decathlon has stores all over the UK and plenty of stock, so go in and speak to a staff member, they can help you find the product best suited to you and your trip. Finally, research how to look after your kit, this means it will last you for years to come which is not only great for your wallet but also benefits the environment.

Find your nearest Decathlon store locator here.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact one of the Yetis at HQ!

Happy trekking!
Rosie, Yeti Hapus 

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Andy Moore

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