RAQs - Rarely Asked Questions

Whether you’ve been dreaming of seeing a certain mountain since you were a child, or have found yourself spontaneously eager to go on an adventure, taking on a trek can still be a daunting prospect. This is just one of the reasons why we pride ourselves in not only thoroughly looking after you whilst you’re on your trek, but beforehand as well. Preparing for your trek is all part of the build-up of excitement, and yes, buying the gear & training your legs are important parts that we can’t physically help with, but we feel that having someone there to answer all and any of your questions is an invaluable part of our service - and one that we genuinely enjoy!

To ensure that you feel prepared and confident when you embark on your adventure, we have information & advice to answer just about every question you can think of!

But what of the questions you don’t dare ask, or more likely, the ones that have never crossed your mind?

We’ve put together a few ‘Rarely Asked Questions’ to give you more insight into the EverTrek Yetis and the way we work:

Why does EverTrek constantly keep replying to me on Facebook?

If you've ever messaged us on Facebook you may have felt like we have a weird complex about having to get the last word in. You say 'thanks', we do smiley emoji, you do thumbs up, we do bigger smiling emoji, you say 'thanks again', we reply ‘no problem’... - If we don't respond to a message, Facebook thinks we're ignoring you and knocks our response stats down. We're not just being weird by getting into a thumbs-up battle with you!  Head on over to our Facebook page right HERE

Where do the Yetis go on Fridays?

If you've emailed or called us on a Friday, you may notice we're sometimes a little slower at responding to you. Yetis, as part of our nature, need to spend time in the great outdoors, and so will often go on treks or busy themselves with other Yeti hobbies on a Friday. Not usually in the office, we do still keep an eye on the inbox during our days off to ensure that we respond to any urgent requests.

If you get in touch on a Friday with a non-urgent enquiry, we may get back to you first thing when we return to the office on Monday. 

Why does Andy look different in his video messages than he does in all his photos?

If you've thought this, it's likely you've been talking with our Painted Yeti Dave, Dancing Yeti Vicky, or Running Yeti Jody! If you've just realised that you've called Dave Andy, don't worry you're not alone, EVERYONE does. It's a daily phenomenon which makes everyone smile in EverTrek HQ!

If you're ever in doubt about who's sent you a video message, Andy's the one with crazy curly hair styled from his favourite hobbit. Dave has darker hair and more tattoos than an incarcerated gang member - he's also a lot lovelier than a gang member too. 

...If you wonder why Andy's wearing eyeliner, then you're talking to Dancing Yeti Vicky, or Running Yeti Jody!  - but that confusion is pretty darn rare to be fair!

(left to right)Head Yeti Andy, a gorilla and Painted Yeti Dave

Is there no such thing as too many emails?

The emails we send you are always written by one of the Yetis of the office, most frequently Head Honcho himself, Andy. The emails pull together our best thoughts, funniest puns & expert advice, to hopefully interest you & include you in the friendly EverTrekker Community. Musical Yeti Zach also puts together an awesome monthly newlsetter with all the highlights, tips and tricks for the month!

All of our emails have much more than just marketing in mind, we will never intentionally email you sleazy-salesy advertising - we do our best to ensure that all our communication has real value for you! Your time is important and we hope that you enjoy reading them and find all of our emails friendly & engaging, and importantly, insightful & useful!

As with all things in life, not everyone likes all that you do all of the time, but feedback like this email we recently received, shows us that our emails are enjoyed and appreciated by many of you, which is awesome!
Why is Penny named Penny?

You may have seen The EverDog in our videos or on our social media pages. ...You may also have heard her squeaking and chewing insanely loud toys during phone calls or our video emails - apologies if this is the case, guaranteed someone will have been running around the office trying to get the dog-equivalent of an air horn away from her - not always successfully...
As the mascot of EverTrek, of course her name had to be mountainous!

Although 'Everest' was a strong contender, Jen & Lauren (Blonde & Social Yetis) sadly vetoed it due to the risk of looking like mountain-nuts shouting 'Eeeevereeeest' across fields (I hope your mind read that in your best "Feeeentoooon" impression). Kili, was decided to sound a bit vicious and we didn't want to scare the postmen... And so we settled on our highest local peak, Pen y Fan - Penny!
Jon from Brecon asks A LOT of questions…

Going live on Facebook is one of our favourite things. It’s an awesome opportunity to speak with trekkers, both past and present, answer your questions and chat about our favourite topic - trekking! If you’ve tuned in to a Live I’m sure you’ll have noticed a few things; Andy will always start off swigging a drink (it’s his thing), start Dave off on the subject of boots & gear and he could go for hours (tbh, he can talk for hours on just about any subject for that matter), and Jon from Brecon asks SO MANY questions!

Jon is a real person, he is our Bald Yeti and you’ll likely meet him if you book on to one of our awesome training weekends that are held in the Brecon Beacons multiple times a year.

But okay, maybe his hand doesn’t shoot up in the air quite as frequently as we make out… We’ll use Jon as an example when we have a FAQ that we know you would benefit from us answering, or to discuss a hot topic whilst we’re waiting for viewers to post questions in the comments during videos.

How much should my shoelaces weigh?

This question isn’t actually far off from going into our genuine FAQ article… We’re occasionally asked very detailed questions, usually around gear & equipment, such as; “what width should the brim of my hat be” or “can I bring my harmonica?”. We’ll admit, we don’t always have an answer straight off the bat. We welcome all questions and genuinely believe that no question is too small, if we can answer any niggling thought and it makes you feel more comfortable with your upcoming trip - amazing!

We would however leave you with the advice that if it’s not something that you’d worry about on your average trek round the UK, it’s unlikely to be an issue on one of our treks either. Of course, if in doubt - just give us a shout!
(But whilst we’re on the subject, yes you can bring your harmonica but only if you can play it well. We do not accept responsibility for your fellow trekkers throwing it off a mountain if you continue to train-whistle the entire trail of an eight day walk.)

Okay, so maybe these snippets of information won’t be coming up in your local pub quiz anytime soon… But hopefully they made you smile

Hands up who’s accidentally called Dave ‘Andy’

Remember, we’re here to help with any query that pops into your mind - you can contact us by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., message us on social media, get in touch through our website or just give us a call.

Written By

Lauren Carter

Social Yeti