What kit can you hire for your Kilimanjaro trek?

When it comes to preparing your kit for a trek, there are some items that you may not want to buy outright. Whether it’s to save on expense, not having a use for them in every-day life & trekking, or to save on travelling with bulky items. To make life easier for you, you have the option to hire some items of equipment from our team in Tanzania - have a look at the list below for some of the options available to you for your Kili Trek and the price of hire -

• Sleeping Bag: $40
• Duffel Bag: $12
• Down jacket: $12
• Daypack: $12
• Hiking Poles: $12
• Gaiters: $8
• Poncho: $18
• Raincoat: $12
• Balaclava: $7
• Gloves: $6
• Socks: $4
•Torch (limited availability): $8
• Sunglasses (limited availability): $8

The cost of these items are for the duration of use on your trek and are all of the quality that you will need to comfortably summit Kilimanjaro.

To reserve an item, simply send EverTrek an email or give us a call and we’ll make a note of your requests. Then you will simply collect & pay for the item(s) when you’re at the Springlands Hotel in Moshi - nice and easy!


If you’re preparing your gear for your Tanzanian adventure then don’t forget to check out our handy Kili Kit Tick List to make sure you’ve got everything ready. You can also find more information about equipment in our Equipment Guide - it mentions EBC but the specs are also suitable for treks such as Kili, Toubkal and more.

Plus don’t forget, if you’re heading to the shops for a shopping spree - EverTrekkers receive a 12.5% discount with Cotswold Outdoor! You can find your discount in the members area!

Have more questions about the Kilimanajro trek? Read our "Beginners guide to climbing Kilimanjaro".

Happy shopping!

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Lauren Carter

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