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How can I charge my electronic items on the Everest Base Camp trek

How can you charge your phone or your camera or even your laptop while on an Everest Base Camp trek?

Well, pretty easily, actually.

Along the route all the way to Gorak Shep there are opportunities at the lodges or tea houses where you can charge your phone, your laptop, or your cameras.

There are additional costs involved with that. It's not overly expensive but the higher up on the trek the more expensive it does become.

Another option for you is to take a charge pack, like this Anker charge pack that I've used on the trek to Everest a couple of times. You can get this one for around £30 and it charges a smartphone 7 or 8 times so really worth on a long 12-day trek. It could last you a whole week.

Another option, especially if you are taking a DSLR camera which needs more juice, then you could look at a solar charger. Here's a RAVPOWER solar charger that I've used on the trek. You can actually attach this to your rucksack whilst hiking and there's a lot of sunshine on the trek to Everest Base Camp.  Another tip might be to leave it to charge up whilst you're on one of the acclimatisation hikes that we do in Namche Bazaar or Dingboche. You can leave this for 4-6 hours at a time to charge your power pack.

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