How Can I Pay for My Trek?

Okay, so you've decided to book your trek! Where are you going? Everest Base CampKilimanjaroMachu PicchuEcuador?
Wherever you're trekking, we're STOKED you've decided to adventure with us!

Now we know, when planning for a trip, there are so many questions to get answered, and this one is a biggie!

How can you pay for your trek with EverTrek?

It can be hard to save up for that dream trip, especially if the company you're trekking with expects it all up front!

While that's certainly an option with EverTrek, we've got lot's of options to make sure that your dream trek is just as affordable as it is EPIC!

When you book with us, you will need to pay a deposit for your trip up front. This will usually be £200.

When you book, you can select the payment option that best suits you to pay off the rest of your trip:
  1. Pay monthly
  2. Pay before you go
  3. Pay balance in full

1. Paying Monthly

Our Monthly Payment Plan is the most popular way to pay among our customers, and that's because it makes paying manageable, and monthly payment amounts are flexible based on your trip date. If you choose to pay monthly, your payment plan will end at least 90 days before your trip date, as all trips must be fully paidby this time.

Monthly payment plans start one month after booking and placing your deposit if booking online, or immediately if booking over the phone. You are able to change the date of your plan once you have booked on your member area.

For example: You book a trek on 14 March 2024 - paying your deposit & locking in your exciting adventure! Your payment plan will be set speading your balance over X amount of months, so long as the amount is cleared 90 days before your trip. (If booking for March 2026 your balance after deposit would be spread over 24 months. How manageable is that?!)

2. Paying before you go

As mentioned above, another option would be to pay before you go. With this option, you will pay your deposit to lock in your trek, and then have total control over when you next want to make a payment. You might opt to put a small amount towards the trek at regular intervals, or you might want to pay in one or two larger chunks - it's up to you. The terms of this payment method do mean that at least 50% of the trek will be due 6 months before you trekThe remaining 50% will be due no later than 90 days before you go. If you choose this plan, you are not restricted to pay only 6 months before you go, and 90 days before you go. You can make payments through your members area, or by calling the office, at any time.

3. Pay in full

Finally, the last option available is for you to pay for your trip in full at the time of booking. By selecting this option, you will get a juicy £100 discount and will be able to book and pay for your trip in one go - nice and easy!

Change Your Mind? No Problem!

If you book on and choose pay before you go, you can always switch onto a monthly payment plan if you decide that suits you better. Likewise, you can switch from a monthly payment plan to paying before you go, or paying in full. If you're on a monthly payment plan set to renew each month on the 10th, and a different day of the month would suit you better, you can change your payment date by contacting us via email or phone. We are very flexible with payments, and we never charge a fee to make a change!

We value our EverTrekkers, and we want everyone to be able to take on the trek of their dreams, so we'll never let payment stand in the way. If you've got questions about how you can pay for your trek with EverTrek, contact us and we will be happy to help!

Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO