Best down jacket for Everest Base Camp Trek

What's the best down jacket for an Everest Base Camp trek?

Anytime I’m out wandering around a village at high altitude in the Himalayas, my down jacket comes with me especially when that sun drops over the horizon and the mercury drops below Zero. It's an important bit of kit as you need to be regulating your core temperature and making yourself as comfortable as possible. Looking after your throat (Neck Buff), your head (warm hat) & your torso (Down Jacket) are 3 of the most important things at high altitude. There's nothing worse than catching a cold at altitude as a result of not taking care of these 3 key areas. Here’s a selection of jackets I’ve used myself and seen on the Everest Base Camp trek.

RAB Infinity Endurance Down Jacket

I really like the RAB Infinity Endurance down jacket. I’ve used this many times in the Himalayas. It has stood up in the severe winter weather with temperatures down to -25 and that's without the wind-chill factor. It was super comfortable in the warmer trekking months in autumn too. This jacket has the Pertex Quantum material which keeps out light rain with the down also treated with a hydrophobic coating. Basically, the down doesn’t lose its loft and ability to insulate heat even when wet. A superb all-round jacket for an Everest Base Camp trekPrice £240 Weight: 570g / 850 fill down

Arc’Teryx Cerium LT Hoody 

This is a beaut of a jacket! Arc’Teryx Cerium LT Hoody - This is some serious piece of kit considering how lightweight it is and perfect for a trek in the Himalayas. Arc’Teryx use a feature which places a different type of synthetic insulation called ‘Coreloft’ in places where people sweat helping with the heat generated when hiking in the jacket. The jacket is also filled with quality 850 fill goose down. A similar jacket to the Rab Infinity Endurance although significantly lighter. Price £300+ Weight: 305g 850 Fill Down


Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket

I really love this jacket. The Rab Microlight Alpine Down Jacket – A second thumbs up for Rab as I just love their jackets. This is a relatively new addition to the Rab down jacket family but a stand out performer in many areas and such a versatile jacket. This is a great trekking jacket and whereas the Rab Infinity Endurance is a real winter jacket, this jacket is equally at home for day to day use in the UK throughout the year. Price £170 Weight 430g/Fill 750


Mountain Eqipment Lightline Jacket 

A very popular jacket on the trek is the Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket and you can see why. An absolute stalwart of the mountaineering world and is regularly seen at Everest Base Camp during climbing season. A heavy jacket compared to the others on this list but this jacket will keep you warm in almost any condition you will experience on the Everest Base Camp trekPrice £200 Weight 740g/Fill 700


Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket

Last but certainly not least is this super lightweight jacket which has an unbelievable weight to warmth ratio. A large 800 fill of Q Shield down which much like the other hydrophobic treated jackets, retains its loft even when wet. The only downside is the ultra thin outer layer but I’ve only heard good things about this jacket and it stands up with the best in cold temperatures. Price £250 Weight 219g. Fill 800



These 5 down jackets are my personal recommendations but there are many, many options out there and some a lot cheaper than the ones I’ve discussed. Whichever jacket you opt for, give the jacket a try when hiking in the UK first. Personally, I don’t like wearing a down jacket whilst on the move hiking as I use my Goretex waterproof with a mid layer fleece and a merino base layer underneath. However, once I’m stationary, my down jacket is on. I want to make sure I insulate my body heat and keep my core temperature at a good level, especially when the wind gets up.

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Written By

Andy Moore

Head Yeti & CEO