How do I book flights for my trip?


Whether you’re thinking of booking a trip or you already have your trek dates locked in - flights are bound to have crossed your mind. International flights aren’t currently included in our trips & tour prices.. However, we have a lot of information to make sure that booking your flights is as stress-free as possible.  Here are some frequently asked questions and our advice:

What date should I book my flights for?

You're fine to arrive on the first day of the trek. 'Day 1' is designed with arrivals in mind and so the itinerary is clear throughout the day.

Keep in mind that for most of our destinations, you will book your flight to leave the UK the day prior to your trip’s start date - they’re often long ol’ flights with a stopover. So if day one of your trip is the 3rd, you may leave the UK on the 2nd.

For most destinations, you can arrive before Day 1 and we can arrange accomodation & transfers for you (find more info below) - however this is a little more complicated with Peru, and so if you are booked on this trek, we recommend you read this additional article 'Travel to Machu Picchu'.

Departure wise, the final day of our trips are known as the ‘departure day’ - doing what it says on the tin - for most* trips you can book your flight home for this day. However, if you would like to spend more time in a country, taking in the sights or enjoying some relaxation after your trek - that is no problem at all! You can book your arrival or departure flights for any date either side of a trip and we can still arrange airport transfers and any extra accommodation you require.

*Although you can book your flight for the final day of your trek, if you're trekking to Everest Base Camp or similar, we do recommend allowing at least one buffer day in case of delays on the trek. The weather can be unpredictable in the Himalayas, and it may cause delays or cancellations at Lukla Airport - booking flights with a spare day or two can give great peace of mind - plus the opportunity for more time in Kathmandu, so win win! Find out more about what would happen if the weather affects your flights.

Important information for European treks*
If you're booked on Gran Paradiso or Tour du Mont Blanc please be aware that your arrival and departure times must be booked before / after specific times:
Gran Paradiso Tour - Arrival and departure time limits:
Arrival at Malpensa by 3:00 PM
Departure from Malpensa after 4:00 PM

Mont Blanc Tour - Arrival and departure time limits:
Arrival at Turin Caselle Airport by 12:00 PM
Departure from Turin Caselle Airport after 2:00 PM


What airport will I be flying out to?

Here's the list of countries that we currently operate in and the airports you'll book your international flights to:

Nepal - Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport
Tanzania - Kilimanjaro International Airport
Peru - Lima - Jorge Chavéz International Airport
Morocco - Marrakesh Menara International Airport
Ecuador - Quito International Airport
Argentina - Mendoza
Russia - Mineralnye Vody (MRV)
Pakistan - Islamabad International Airport
Italy (TMB) - Turin Airport 
Italy (GP) - Malpensa Airport
Uganda - Entebbe International Airport


The flights I’ve booked arrive in the country before 'Day 1' and/or depart the country after the final day of the trek - where will I stay & what do I need to arrange?

Adding a few extra days to your trip is no problem at all! We can usually arrange accommodation for you which means that you don't need to worry about finding & moving hotels. Plus by remaining with us, we're still able to provide transport from/to the airport no matter what date your flight is.

The cost of additional nights at our affiliate hotels are generally a better rate than you'd get by booking elsewhere. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll automatically arrange all your accommodation requirements in line with your flight details and you'll pay for additional nights directly to the hotel when you're there - so nothing to worry about in advance of your trip. 

If you plan on arranging your own accommodation and transport from or to the airport, please make sure you let us know.

Please note - as mentioned above, Machu Picchu is a little more complicated. Please read this additional article, and drop us an email if you would like us to confirm your plans and options. 


When should I book my flights?

Although it may be tempting to delay booking your flights in the hope of finding last-minute bargains, in our experience this rarely pays off. In fact we find that booking flights in advance often means the lowest price, plus it’s one thing to tick off your to-do list - satisfying! Think of booking your flights between a year to six months before your trip.
Top tip: if price is of concern then check out sites like Skyscanner or Momondo to find cheap flights but make sure you book through a reputable company, if you’ve not heard of them before - head online and read the reviews. If your priority is guaranteed fantastic customer service, in our experience, booking directly through your airline provider can achieve this rather than going via a third party.

We will need your flight information a few months before your trek, this enables us to make crucial arrangements for you and everyone in your group. Most treks ideally need to have flights arranged & provided 3 months or more in advance. However some treks, such as Machu Picchu or those with 'minimum numbers', should be provided at least 6 months prior to the trek date.  

I’ve booked my flights - what information does EverTrek need?

When you book a trip you will be able to create an account to access your members area, here is where you need to upload your information and documents. 

If you are the lead passenger (you placed the booking on behalf of yourself and others), you will be in charge of providing flight information & passport details for your entire group, as well as being responsible for all payments.

If your flight details change between booking and updating your members area, which can happen and nothing to worry about, please make sure you update your area with the new information. You can also let us know that you have done this by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I need to arrange any internal flights? 

No, the only flights you will need to arrange are your international ones. Once you arrive at your destination we will have everything sorted for you, from travel to permits. Not all of our treks involve an internal flight, but if you’re trekking to Everest Base Camp or similar, you will get to experience the exciting flight from Kathmandu/Ramechhap to Lukla Airport.

Please note - some trek extensions, such as the Glapagos Islands in South America or Zanzibar in Africa, will require you to book your own flights. However Airport transfers & any additional accomodation can all be catered for. 

If your trip involves an internal flight then please be aware your baggage allowance will be 15Kg for all your luggage - both duffel bag and day pack.


What luggage should I travel with?

For most treks outside of Nepal, you will need to bring a duffel bag with you or hire one on arrival. We provide EverTrek duffel bags for all trips in Nepal, and although we plan on doing this for our other destinations in the future, this is not currently available at the moment.

If recieving a free one in Nepal or hiring one on arrival in country, you can bring other luggage which you can leave securely at the hotel.

This means there’s no need to make life hard for yourself by lugging a duffel bag from country to country or breaking your back with a gigantic backpackers pack - unless you want to. You can bring any luggage you like on the trip - wheelie suitcases being a favourite.

Nepal only - 
When you arrive in Nepal and have settled in, you will receive your free EverTrekker 80ltr duffel bag. You can then decant all of your gear and required items into this ready for your trek and our amazing porters will carry this for you during the trek. 

Remember - adhering to the weight limits is not only important for trips with international flights, but for all treks! Your porter will be carrying multiple duffel bags that must be within the weight limit for their safety & happiness.

You can leave any items that you don’t wish to take on the trek in the luggage you brought with you and leave this securely at the hotel. Nothing like a shower and slipping into those clean clothes after your trek!

What happens when my flight lands and I arrive in the country?

Having provided us with your flight details in advance, on your day of travel we will be monitoring your flight and our team will be ready and waiting to greet you! 

Airport transfers are included in all of our trips, so you can relax knowing that when you arrive, there will be someone with a big smile holding an EverTrek sign waiting for you.  We will also have sent you lots of information before you even left your home, it will have our emergency contact details for both the UK office and for the office of the country you’re travelling to - so if anything unexpected happens at any time, you can get in touch with us day or night. 

Machu Picchu - once again, the article 'travelling to Machu Picchu' has additional information if relevant to your booking. Here, on Day 1 you can make your way to the hotel at the airport (there's only one, a few steps outside the doors - you can't miss it!) where you can check in to your pre-booked hotel room. Then it will be the following morning on Day 2, where your Guide will meet you (usually around 08:00am) in the hotel lobby, to help you board your plane to Cusco. 

Top tip - make sure your travel insurance covers your flights

It’s generally advised that you arrange your travel insurance at the time or shortly after you book your trek / flights. If something happens that means you can no longer go on your trek, we will be as accommodating as possible for you - our goal is to help you realise your trekking dreams not leave you out of pocket with no trek. Airline companies may have other rules that mean should you need to cancel or change a date, your insurance provider could become a good friend!
You can find more tips and advice for booking your travel insurance HERE. (This article refers to insurance for Everest Base Camp, but is applicable for all destinations - just make sure you update the altitude & region according to your trip.)

Booking flights may seem like a scary thought at first, but in reality - it’s exciting! It’s an awesome feeling to put that massive tick against your to-do list and enjoy that tingling moment of - “it’s really happening!”.

Hopefully your questions have been answered and you feel confident about both booking a trip and the means to get there. If you have any questions or want further advice on flights or anything at all, the Yetis are always happy to help! You can contact us by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., message us on social media, get in touch through our website or just give us a call!

Have an awesome flight - don’t let your arms get tired!

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